Am I the only American CFL fan? everyone on the site is Canadien (as one would expect) but you would think theyre would be at least one other american. I don't know how popular CFL is in Canada but in the US, no one seems to like CFL, it's highly regarded as a joke and a minor league system for the NFL. I went to the sports stores looking for one thing with anything CFL related. Anything with a logo, or team name. Nothing. No hats, shirts, slippers, bras, or bumper stickers. Not a single item. A friend of mine got like 100 free ufl tickets. UFL is a four team league that formed like last year and is a minor league for the NFL. So he offered me two tickets, when I turned them down he was puzzled, he thought the Argos were a UFL tean. UFL! I mean I know the Argos are bad, but still the comparsion of UFL to CFL makes me shudder. And another things, I can never find live CFL games. Its always taped or shown on MSG in July when there's only baseball(which MSG doesn't show).

So please, if anyone here is american let me know, and tell me where I can buy stuff and watch games.

If I remember correctly, geo is American, and I believe repaege lives in the States. There aren't many American fans, but there are a few.

Sounds like you just walked into a bar or store in Toronto !(ignorance is bliss) good to see there are CFLsupporters though, :thup:

Lemme guess, the CFL is a joke in Canada too? Or is football in Canada like hockey in America where its not very popular to play but has a decent amount of fans and players and is the fourth biggest league(behind NFL, MLB, and NBA)

The CFL in Canada is actually more popular than the NFL in the U.S. TV ratings for regular season CFL games and Grey Cup are higher than regular season NFL and Super Bowl ratings in America, on a per capita basis.

There are more CFL fans in the U.S. than in Canada, according to the CFL's U.S. media agent when the league was reaching over 70 million U.S. homes. It's just that American fans are spread out and don't communicate with one another as there is no media coverage, but they do watch the games. So you are not alone. :thup:

Really? I would've thought the NFL would be more popular. I know the NCAA's popularity in the U.S. trumps the CFL's in Canada. They can cram 90,000 people into a stadium on a regular basis.

This all seems incredibly optimistic. Do you have any links?

Something tells me the guy who posts as sanduskyohiobro might be from the US. Can't quite put my finger on why I think that... :stuck_out_tongue:

As with most of my part of Canada, probably the best place to get merchandise is from the CFL website. Although, if the US Postal Service is anything like Canada post, the price could magically double by the time it reaches your home.

Well it was widely reported that, 14 million Canadians watched part of the 2009 Grey Cup and 9.6 million watched the ending of the game, which is equivalent to 140 million and 96 million Americans respectively (10:1 basis), which are numbers the Super Bowl could only dream of. The 800,000 who were watching regular season CFL games translates to 8,000,000 Americans, which would be great Sunday NFL ratings in the U.S.

And yes, the CFL's media agent did claim that more Americans watched the CFL than Canadians. But that's not surprising considering the 70 million homes reached in the U.S., while there are only 12 million households in all of Canada with about 9 million receiving TSN. In other words, even if the CFL was 7 times more popular in Canada than the U.S., there would still be more Americans watching than Canadians...due to the huge size of the American market.

In addition, the 2009 Grey Cup ratings far surpassed the 2009 Super Bowl ratings in Canada. Truly:


I never said that,I'm saying Anyone who thinks the CFL is that far below the NFL in level of play is IGNORANT!

NFL and CFL attendance is on par when you compare the annual league wide attendance figures against the national population.

For example, in 2006, the CFL drew 2,112,696 fans league wide. That represents 6% of the national population, then 31,241,030.

In 2008 the NFL drew 17,469,552 fans league wide representing 6% of the American population at the time of 303,133,981.

I don't how that works out in terms of gate revenue. I also don't know how the TV ratings compare on a national per capita basis.

There are more CFL fans in the U.S. than in Canada, according to the CFL's U.S. media agent when the league was reaching over 70 million U.S. homes. It's just that American fans are spread out and don't communicate with one another as there is no media coverage, but they do watch the games. So you are not alone. :thup:
That just means the TV carriers who broadcast CFL games in the USA can reach 70 million homes. It doesn't mean there are 70 million households watching let alone 70 million households of CFL fans in the USA.

It's true. I'm an American (dual citizen actually) who spent the first 35 years of my life in Canada. I have a few American friends where I live in Northern California who like the CFL, and would actually watch it regularly if it was offered on TV here. Which it is not, anywhere on any station. A very good friend of mine is a fervent Argos fan =p

I tend to believe the stats that have been posted here, as many of them have been previously published by Canadian media.

And don't forget about our friend who wrote interesting articles for this site, the English professor from the states, who's name I can't remember :oops:

And yes, there is also sanduskyohiobro :expressionless:

Sandusky is like that annoying cousin you never wanted to visit when you were younger, but your mom made you visit him once a month. :smiley:

There were talks of Milwaukee Wisconsin bidding for a CFL franchise at one time so you are not the only American CFL fan.


...if you were really a good friend you should like do an intervention or something.....

easy red and white... one argo fan is like 100 stamps fans... they need all they can get. perhaps his friend deserves a fruit basket or something.

I actually believe that Sanduskyinohiobro is actually a Canadian.
I have met many Canadians who are losers who pretend to be Americans because it is cool.
Sadly, Sandusky ,represents what the average person in Toronto thinks.
I will always remember when I was in California and I met a guy who was American…and he mentioned how he loved the Tragically Hip and how he loved Red Green.
I, of course called him on the whole thing, and it turns out he actually was Canadian.
He was pretending to be an American because he wanted to fit in with the people he was living with.
Canadians are possibly the most unproud nation on earth.
The fact they look up to a nation that is borderline 3rd world where 25% of their population does not even have healthcare is mindblowing to me…
I don’t give a crap what Americans think about Canada or what they think about the CFL.
They are a backward redneck Christian country… and I do not want anything to do with most of them.(republicans)
Today at my work the union had to actually explain to our American bosses that they simply could not fire guys because they did not personally like them…
Our American bosses were blowin away that we actually had labour laws in this country.
They treat people like crap and that stems from the fact that they are a third world country with a long history of racism and exploitation.
I got no use for any of them.Unless they are democrats.

I would but I feel so sorry for him.

While your post is very exaggerated, there are some grains of truth in what you say. For example, some states are "right to work" states (Arizona and California come to mind, but there are many others), where it's understood that you can be fired at any time for almost any reason, or no reason at all. This was a bit of a shock to me when I first moved here, as I had never heard of such a thing. And here it's actually codified, not just implied. Fortunately, not all companies are run by unfair, socially irresponsible rubes (like some of the ones I worked for in Ontario).

Roughly 1/6 of the population doesn't have access to health insurance. This is colossal shame and true black mark on this society. Yet, there are those here who just absolutely refuse to accept any form of government insurance, if only because they have a deep mistrust of government, not because they're necessarily against the basic concept of universal health care (though those types are in abundance too). This will likely never change in our life time.

As for Canadians, I must disagree that some in some parts of the country who don't wear their national pride on their sleeve reflect a lack of national pride by Canadians in general. Definitely there are those (and I knew a few) who love to brag about their connections in the US, and do silly things like talk with faux Southern accents, or pronounce things like they think an American does or would (I knew a guy who would pronounce Detroit like Dee-Tro-It, for example), but these are just highly visible but largely singular clowns, and they don't represent Canadians as a whole. Indeed, there has been an enormous resurgence of Canadian nationalism in the last twenty years, as evidenced by the groundswell of support for the anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge and veterans in general. Canadians know they have one of the best countries on earth, with some of (if not the best) cities on earth, and more and more young people, particularly in the West aren't afraid to let you know it.

Canadians really shouldn't care what Americans think, except perhaps in the business arena since so much trade is dependent on good relations with the Southern neighbour. Socially, though it really doesn't matter, and I believe more and more Canadians are beginning to realize this. They'll get respect for thinking that way too.

Canada is generally the Land that Time Forgot. Yet, it is always there. 1% of the world's population providing 10% of its peace keepers. Sticking up for its neighbours and friends, showing its economic and military might when it's necessary. Making huge sacrifices for the betterment of democracy and freedom. All Canadians know this whether they openly admit it or not. That's really kind of the Canadian Way. Don't confuse that with lack of pride.

Yes, I am american. So there are some fans out there. I been a fan since Warren Moon. I beleive if US fans give the CFL a shot by watching it would be more popular. Some US fans just frown with even the mention of the name CFL, like its automatically beneath.