American want to buy CFL and Kill it ..

The CFL is a much beloved Canadian institution but it may not remain Canadian for much longer. Earlier this week This Is That host, Pat Kelly spoke with Texas billionaire T.B. Johnson - the man who wants to buy the entire league and collapse it down into one NFL franchise. ... o-buy-cfl/

He calms the CFL is not Pro Football and Tigercats are close to worthless.
American Idiot is perfect song for this guy.
Typical American Ignorance he think he buy everything
This kid of guy makes me Sick.. :thdn:

I would if this is april fool joke or not ..

Who the ^#@^#@ wants to be part of the NFL ???

It's a parody folks. No need to get alarmed. I'm guessing that there is no Texas billionaire named T.B. Johnson. In fact, I'm pretty sure the T.B. stands for Texas Billionaire.

Somebody on riderfans even claims that it's the same guy doing both voices.

How many times have we heard this! To many in my books!!!

Please people, Anti-Americanism [b]DOES NOT[b] equal Canadian patriotism. Just keep that in mind. Many of the greatest players in the CFL have been Americans. Remember Earl the Pearl? American.

Relax, it’s just somebody’s feeble attempt at humour.

I don't find it Funny at all

Bring him to Hamilton ! :lol:

(perhaps he can finance Mayor Fred's delusional dreams of "City Building" on a toxic swamp/landfill) :wink:

If a Canadian buys the Buffalo Bills and moves them to Canada once they become available, probably when Ralph Wilson passes on, then this guy will buy the CFL and kill it I'm sure, tit for tat. :wink:

Amen to that. I can't stand some of the narrow minded Canadian thinking that goes on sometimes, where they think every American is a greedy, red meat eating, gun crazed ultra violent twisted cowboy, sitting around twirling his moustache thinking of ways to kill anything that is not american.

Not bad. Pretty funny.

But I doubt the CBC understands that! I'd bet season tickets that this highly over-paid whoever interviewer couldn't name the teams in the CFL and that he AND his interviewee have never heard of the San Antonio Texans. However I 'm sure that, unlike most Canadians, he can spell Ignatieff.

He was just doing his best Turkeybend and right he came up short on this one, but now we have a Turkeybend impostor on the CFL forum too.

As imitiation is the sincerest form of flattery, congratulations to that Turkeybend are in order I guess. :thup:

talk about ignorant..........why are YOU stirring up lies?
Canadian Idiot???
Typical Canadian ignorance?

But does he know where Canada is?

Probably could not find it on a map.

Did anyone hear the guy say “Ba-Ba-Booey! Ba-Ba-Booey! Ba-Ba-Booey!”?

Just wondering…

He did say FEEBLE :cowboy:

Sorry but anyone who thinks that is real must be rather slow witted. Same people who believed the tiger loose in Hamilton story.

These people must be the offspring of the ones that believed War of the Worlds was real in the 30's

You mean I can leave my basement now?

Is the war over in the north end? Dare I venture down there?