American Thanksgiving

Just wondering but did you ever eat paint chips when you were a kid or perhaps maybe accidently you were dropped on your head ? Asking for a friend .

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And they say the moderators here are unbiased in their actions.

I see moderate sized engineering of enclosed (domed) facilities at the NCAA Div. III level, and done with mostly private funding and you still insist....

The only thing we disagree on is the best of three series being used vs. the one and done format in use right now with an excessive percentage of teams in the playoffs.

I think I'm the one that should be saying your comments to you.

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If you are equating the CFL with NCAA Div III football, it's a small wonder why you are alienating everyone here and you are gaining no support for your ideas to completely remodel our league as if it were your personal play toy.

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…He clearly said he was asking on behalf of a friend..the mods can’t deal with his friend, shoot we don’t even know who his friend is?!