American Thanksgiving

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Lol... most Canadians don't take Thursday and Friday off. Maybe we should just have two football leagues and play year round. That would end all arguments.

why would you assume such a thing?

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For a league that doesn't play head to head with the NFL during the regular season (via Bell Canada), now schedule games on the NFL's biggest weekday where even the NHL and NBA go dark PLUS it's not even a holiday here?

Bravo commissioner in waiting!

I'm looking forward for the league's triple header on Christmas...and continue the rivalry on the rematch on Boxing Day....I'm certain TSN has nothing on their plate that day

Why what’s going on tomorrow, tomorrow is Thursday. Nothing happening that I know about in Canada.

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Yeah that’s why I’ll say it again. The league needs to go back to the cbc.

I don't think even the CBC would put games on American Thanksgiving.

Maybe through 2.0 start the regular season in Mexico on May 5 lol

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Unfortunately a swing and a miss on your 4 suggestions. Not sure if you were being facetious or serious but I’ll assume you were being serious.

September through January a non starter. Half the games would be played in very cold to extreme cold in 8 of 9 venues. Terrible for the league on many fronts.

Playing games head to head with the NFL on US Thanksgiving while everyone is at work would obviously be lose lose.

Your continued belief that 8 more domes could appear has already been debunked on the thread you started in that regard. No abracadabra in the cards.

And just 4 teams in the playoffs would deprive the rest of any playoff revenue.

Commissioner in waiting indeed!

No, we don't. Neither do we celebrate July the 4th. What makes you think that we would?

And to the rest of you, who the hell flagged this opening post and what the hell for?


…it was flagged because the OP put it in the main forum and the flagger disagreed with the location, which was correct, and so it was moved here…

OP wanted the CFL to change the start of the season to September. While I doubt this would ever happen it's still a CFL subject.

…not going to debate this Ted as a thread titled ‘American Thanksgiving’ in the main CFL forum flies about as well as a turkey

…there are no less than five topics in the OPs post, so saying this was about starting the season in September is only partially true..

Sorry I just see it as comic relief. I don't take him as seriously. I'm more shocked than anything else.

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The OP is on a constant mission to show everyone what a ridiculous person they are. It's truly stunning to me. I can only assume some sort of mental disorder is at play here. No person on earth with a healthy mind has such thoughts.

IMO the OP is a burden to the entire forum.


guess we know who the flagger is lol

Not me. Have not flagged a thing.

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just kidding you

Or a game on Christmas Eve too. Have it scheduled around the Hawaii Bowl.