American Prospects

If anyone in the Elks subforum follows NCAA football, what American prospects would you like to see the Elks claim in December? We obviously, badly need a quarterback, but we also need line help as well as, just, an entire defense at this point.

I know I saw Bo Nix on our list last year, and I think that's a horrible idea. He was mediocre at best at Auburn and his debut against Georgia was flat out dreadful. I really hope we claim someone more capable.

Also, yes, I love Tre Ford. I'm just...hyper-paranoid about injuries becoming a common occurence.

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Probably in April or so, we will create a new thread for 2023 for the new season.

How about Tom Brady?? He humorously suggested to join CFL. But even if he shows up for PR, it would be exciting. He could come to camp impersonating a qb coach and go from there. It would increase attendance - - most likely for curiosity.