American Players take a cut in diving dollar.

However you fail to point out that the sources of Revenues paid in American dollars (the other 65%) are worth more...

The NHL calculates revenue sharing and the salary cap ceiling/floor based on the USD value of revenues, so "American" revenue figures are not impacted while the "Canadian" revenues are worth less and less as the CAD falls. Apparently the calculations are based on a year long average, so the impact is not the difference between the high and low exchange rates for the year, so perhaps less extreme than the simple media analysis to date but the lower dollar having dropped will have an I'm,pact and the longer it stays down and/or the further it drops increases the impact.

As for the operations of Canadian NHL teams, very little of their revenue is in USD whereas all their player salary and most of their non-flight travel costs are in USD. NHL teams may have protected themselves this season by locking in exchange rates but, if the dollar stays down, will fcae a difficult choice next summer; lock-in at low rate or operate more in the day-to-day exchange market and hope the dollar recovers.

Wow, there seems to be a strong desire to steer this topic towards a discussion of the NHL.

Yes, I think when we start a topic like the diving dollars and how it effects CFL players it's hard not to talk about other sports in Canada that are affected.

It's true but this is the CFL and the Tiger-Cats and hats off to the players in the CFL who really do play for the love of the game.

At an average base salary range of $50,000 a season, NHL players don't make that, not even close and most are overpaid whiners to begin with other sports in Canada hurt as well but not bad when your base is already $500,000 or a million plus, it's a heck of lot easier to deal with and so many extra incenttives are provided for.

When you get a player in the CFL who plays six months at the sport he loves, takes the risks of injury and still needs to hold down a job in the off-season like Jon Cornish and others and provide us fans with a great football experience at games that says a lot about these true professionals of football with the Tiger-Cats and the CFL.