American players responses

CBC radio did a very short clip on American players views of Vancouver. From their training camp in Kamloops. Kinda funny. good humored.

"something seriously wrong with the rain here. Rains every day in Vancouver it seems I'm from Florida and you can just go the beach. But Vancouver is nice when it doesn't rain"
" I'm from Oregon so this feels like home to me" then he threw in an Eh?

"Canadians seem very polite but have poor manners". " Blowing their nose in restaurants while people are eating"
" I miss my home boys"

" No flavor. I'm from Louisiana so...."
'I eat at Milestones. Appetizers only. Better than the meals"
"may be healthier. We eat a lot of fat at home. But takes getting used to"

Can't disagree with anything there. It is a different country.