American League of Canadian Football

ALCF season begins in the spring/summer of 2012 -- April thru June; championship game on evening of July 4th with fireworks.

Franchises in the following cities:

Columbus, Ohio (Columbus Crew Stadium)
Richmond/Virginia Beach, Virginia (Richmond City Stadium/Virginia Beach Sportsplex)
Orlando, Florida (Florida Citrus Bowl)
Sacramento, California (Hornet Stadium)
Houston, Texas (Robertson Stadium) :cowboy:

Eight game regular season from April thru June with the top 4 teams advancing to the playoffs. Championship game the evening of July 4th. :rockin:

Is this a fantasy league or factual?

Got a website link EZ? thanks

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I'd like to see the UFL founder Michael Huyghue pursue this route rather try again in the spring/summer months with the same ole 11 man game. Need something off the wall where a team can come back in under two minutes like the Als almost did with that 2 and out change of momentum. Would love to see the rouge play and 3 down ball locally here.

Agreed totally geroy. . . I've also agreed with another poster who considers his name by itself to be spam. . . why he continues to post this useless nonsense is beyond me.

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For those of you that played high school/CIS football, is it possible to play Canadian ball (15 minute quarters) with a 30-35 man roster or is that asking too much? Some players go both ways in a propose ALCF league.

That would keep payroll expenses down. Pay the players $1000.00 per game.

I'll only follow this league if it offers an "action point" after touchdowns. :lol:

Can I assume you were a Toronto Northmen fan?

Lots of polar bears roaming the streets of Toronto... :roll: :roll:

Will they be wearing lingerie?

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