American Football in Europe Live

Wanna see AF in Europe live?

10.April 2010 3:00 pm (CET)

Tirol Raiders (Austria) vs. Prague Panthers (Czech Republic)

Interesting ...I work that day and am diehard enough to watch some football that I will actually watch this so thanks for the link.

Hopefully it will be interesting enough to watch for more than a quarter.

Also interesting will be to see what offencive and defencive sets each team uses at that level of play.

Let's hope not a US high school football or old-skool NCAA 5-2 on defence with ball control offences with two tight ends. :roll:

You want dull -- tune into ESPN Classic late at night and watch most any NCAA football game from the 1980s or sooner without Miami in it.

Have you ever notice that most teams who run spread offense never win championships?To be honest a 5-2 defense is a good defense depends on personel?So you say the cis champs who run aspread could beat alabama?Teams who run wide open offenses usually have alot of weakness somewhere in there offense that why they spread them out.

I don't care what anyone says, basically I say give a team the abiltiy to rack up 100 yards on the ground with one rb, fine, just don't let them burn you for too many td's by the pass because CFL, NFL whatever, it's about putting points up quick with great receivers and a qb who can get it there with an average offensive line, just good enough to protect a qb for a couple seconds to get it to a receiver in scoring position. RB's in the NFL are overrated, just like in the CFL unless they are a threat to catch the ball and move it on swings, flats and that. This ain't Woody Hayes and Bo Schembechler football any more folks, those days are done. 4 down or 3 down, I draft o lineman who are excellent at pass blocking first, running secondarily. All you should be looking at running is enough to make the other team respect you a bit in this area. But most practice time and team strength is geared towards the passing game.


Florida won in 2007 and 2009, so I don't know what you're talking about. Not to mention LSU won in 2008 with the spread.

SU doesnt run the spread they run a power offense or some times out the pistol formation

I hope also. :slight_smile:

Tirol Raiders are marketing teammates of Oakland Raiders.

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Right on Earl, and no use discussing this topic with any Big Ten homers including especially almost anyone I have met from PA or OH for that matter.

And Alabama mixed in pro-sets to win the SEC and national championships btw if you paid attention.

If you like the old “smashmouth” version of ball, fine stay in your sorry Midwest and go watch more high schools play as the rest of us watch other schools win championships.

Has anyone seen the game?

Highlight game in Europe.

Semi final of the European Football League (comparable with the Champions League in european soccer)

Tirol Raiders (Austria) vs. Berlin Adler (Germany)

6th June 2010 14:00 (CET)

live on:

Thanks Sisco, I will definitely try to watch it. CET, is that a central european time zone? I'll figure it out.

14:00 CET ist 8 a.m. for example in Montreal .

Look at the super Bowl roster alot of them players are from smashmouth football schools...Where did drew brees go to?Purdue...You are jealous

Aww, yah, you really got me Sandouche that time ...okay back to your allegedly awesome neighbourhood in your town in that woeful state of Ohio and to drinking your Kool-Aid like it is such a great place as you rant consistently on here. :roll:

Better yet go to the Ohio State blog and have it there to spare us the BS as usual that comes from your state! :thup:

Whatever your Ohio and BigTen agenda is on here with most of your posts, no one is buying it so maybe cut down on that laced Kool-Aid? Or maybe triple the dosage for all I care. :roll:

I live in the real america Pable sorry but New York city,Miami,Philly,and South Florida are not places I would ever consider living.I do better in places like ohio and Mississippi because they understand me better.I dont know why guys like you dont move to places like Canada because you fit in better there than you would here.Dont get mad because my "MINDSET" is what runs America matter fact isnt your family a immigrant family?Just go back to where you came because this mindset sint changing anytime soon...Go Cleveland Browns

It’s great that most Americans are nothing like you and your so-called representative “American mindest” that is really just local homer Ohio BS as you spout and nothing more ever on here. Such real Americans include those born here like me and so many others Sandouche, because YOU are exactly what is a large part of what is wrong with our country and I doubt I am the only one who would have your citizenship revoked if we had any real say.

I grew up in Indiana and my family have been here for likely longer than your age not that the facts matter to ignorant and racist folks like you in Ohio. Here you go dude carry on with your sorry self in your dump of a town in Ohio and your crappy Ohio State team and your delusions about national championships every season. :thup:

The real problem with his statement is.....HE doesn't know what he's talking about! :cowboy:

Raiders lose heartbreaker to Berlin.

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The othet semi final won the Vienna Vikings (Austria) vs. Graz Giants (Austria) 38:22

Today 1 pm (CET)

Clash of the two best teams in the Polish American Football League
Devils Wroclaw vs. The Wroclaw
Live on: