American Football European Championship 2010

The championship starts with a bang. On July 24th 2010 Germany competes against archrival Austria in the Commerzbank-Arena in Frankfurt. A great supporting program is also planned for the big opening game. Before the standings will be decided on the final day on July 31st,the remaining group matches will occur on Sunday July 25th, Tuesday July 27th and on Thursday July 29th. Germany will attend their second group match against Finland on July 29th.
Then the final takes place once more in the Commerzbank-Arena on July 31st 2010.

Finland, Sweden, Great Britain, France, Austria and of course host Germany send her best players to the most important football event of the year.

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Hey Sisco I hope you are posting about this in a month?

That way I can catch it wherever I am working or late night when nothing is on but baseball after the World Cup and when a CFL game is not on?

And heck by then I'll be in a different state anyway by the look of things.

Lately even to get my fix when the World Cup games are not on I've been watching old college football Pac-10 games online. Baseball sucks and the NBA playoffs are about done after really being dragged out forever.

Pac 10 football is the only brand of college football that offers consistent excitement with its West Coast offences and decent defences with occasionally some of the same fun out of the schools in Florida with even better defences.

Otherwise for college football it's all mostly boring ball control offences with often some athletic quarterback prancing around who can't throw worth a damn in general. :roll: (Big Ten, SEC) In the Big 12 you do get some solid offences but usually poor defences on those same teams.

Sweden aims to defend the title.

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I would hardly call the european championship the biggest football avent of the year because the best country in the world is the U.S then its canada even japan is better than europe, i wish canada and the U.S would send profesionals to show them how good these two countries really are, and yes i know we would get killed by the U.S