American fan of Canadian Football.

I remember watching a few odd games of Canadian football back when I was a kid in the mid 80s and thinking it was neat (not old enough to know the difference really).

Watched a lot of games in the 90s when Doug Flutie was tearing things up up there. Remember watching that one Grey Cup game when I think he played for Toronto, that was played in driving snow! Best game I have seen. Remember watching a few Baltimore games... not hearing any of the news leading up to this, I found it odd that there was an american team playing canadian football! :o Little did I know that there were more of them!

What ever channel used to cover the CFL stopped, and I have not seen it for 10 years now.

I recently found out that a former Nebraska Cornhusker (I'm a life long Husker and alum) plays for Calgary, so I started looking into the sport again.

I even wrote a letter to my cable provider urging them to carry one of the networks that airs CFL games.

From what I remember the Canadian code of gridiron was faster, more passing, more wide open, with fewer and shorter stopages. Players were more blue colar, and less flash. THis is what has turned me off of the NFL. The players are no longer 'one of us'. They are more of the People Magazine, rock star sorts. There are some good guys in the league, but having many millions of dollars seems to change a guy. CFL seems to be filled with guys that above all love the game, and play their hearts out.

Anyways, glad I found this place, and hope to visit with many of you in the future.

Cheers from Nebraska!

Several questions here...

  1. How is your season structured? Do all teams play each other? Do teams in the same division play each other both home and away?...

  2. How does your play off system work? I was currious how you could end up with so many teams from the west in the play offs (yes I know that the east teams are not that good...) Are there 'wild card' teams?

Just trying to figure out how the season is structured.

  1. Other then the obvious failed American teams (except for the one that moved to fill the void in Montreal)... and the Ottowa Roughriders closing up, and being reborn as the Renegades, are there any other noted franchises that moved, died, changed names... just currious about the league's history...

G'day Mate! Good to hear another story of an American coimg out of the darkness and into the light. (sacasim, sorry, no spell checker, yet...)

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the season is over, but this may help show you who carries the CFL, and mate, dis the cable and get the DISH!

  1. Season starts in mid June and ends with the GC in Novermber. there is a 2 week preseason (could be expanded to three), a 20 week regular season, then the Playoffs and then the Grey Cup. Do all teams play each other? Yes, some play their division teams more than others since there is only 9 teams but with luck there should be a new tenth team by 2010. Yes, there needs to be at least 2 or 3 games play by teams in a division to be used as a tie breacker at the end of the season (ex. Cal and Edm tie in points, Cal beat Edm 2 out of the 3 games they played, Therefore Cal is higher in the standings)

  2. Basically, the 3 best teams in each of the two divisions make the POs (aka The Finals, whatever you call the Playoffs), the best team in the division gets a bye and home team advantage in the Division Final, and the two other teams battle it out in the Semi Final with home team advantage going to the team with the best record. If a team in one division places 4th (behind the thrid Playoff team) but has a record better than that of the 3nd place team in the other Division, the 4th placed team "crosses over" and takes the 3nd placed team place in the playoffs. This is called the Cross Over, and I LOVE IT becase it's the great compromise and is like a 'wild card' but unfortunaly, not many CFL fans share my love for it. REMEMBER GUYS, TORONTO ALMOST DID IT IN 2001! SIGH!

  3. "(except for the one that moved to fill the void in Montreal)" That was Baltimore, I might add. "and the Ottowa Roughriders closing up, and being reborn as the Renegades," Not qutie, they don't have their records or history that I and most every other CFL fan hops they get someday. Ok, this will requite every cell in my body, but here I go.

1981: Atlantic Schooners, born then fold
1986: Montreal Concordes rename the Alouetts
1987: Alouettes fold
1993: Sacramento Gold Miners join, San Antionio Teaxans fold before season begens
1994: Baltimore CFL (renamed Stallions), Las Vegas Posse, Sheveport Pirates join. Las Vegas later folds and almost becomes the Miami Manatees in 1996 but folds.
1995: Memphis Maddogs, Brmingham Barracudas join Divisions chage, name of the league almost become the "Continential" Football League, but...
1996: American expreiment fails and is folded under, Canadian Football League restored. Baltimore relocates to Montreal and becomes the Alouettes.
1997: Ottawa Rough Riders Fold
2002: Ottawa comes back as Renegads

  1. There are two divisions, the east and the west. All teams play each other twice and then make up the remaining games by playing certain division opponents a third time.

  2. The top team in each division gets a first-round bye, the second and third place teams in each division then play each other in the first round, with the winner playing the division winner. If the fourth place team from the west or the east has a better record (not tied record) then the third place team in the other division then they cross over to play the second place team in that division. For example Saskatchewan (the fourth team in the west division this year) had a better record than Ottawa and Hamilton (the third and fourth place teams respectively) so they crossed over to play Montreal in the East division play-offs.

Thanks all... that helped... the whole crossover thing threw me for a loop.

It is pretty remarkable for a league to have the same set teams playing for this long! Look at the NFL... Rams went from Clevland to LA, to St. Louis. Cardnials went from Chicago to St. Louis to Phionix then changed name to Arizona. Throw in all the expansion teams over the last 40 years.... constant change.

I know the population base in the east (Ontario and Quebec) is much larger, but why is it that there are only 3 teams from this populus region when the prarie provinces have 4 with MUCH lower population? Is it just that the flatlanders are much bigger fans of the sport?

I'm an avid rugby (union) former player coach and administrator, and I know that BC is the hotbed of that sport in your country. I know a lot of their players play both rugby and canadian gridiron out there. Nice to have year round outdoor sport weather!

there are 3 teams in ontario ( Ham. Tor. Ottawa )and 1 in quebec ( montreal ).....if there were more pro-stadiums in the east, there would be more teams here.

the CFL would like to expand to quebec-city or halifax, NS. but there are no stadiums that can seat 25 000+.

altho, halifax could win the 2014 commonwealth games ( to be awarded in 2008 ), then complete the needed stadium by 2010...

and there is talk about expanding quebec's university ( PEPS ) stadium from 11 000 to 18 000. so its possible they could eventually expand to 25 000+

So it is simply a matter of building stadiums? From what I've heard, they have a 17k minimum capasity standard for the CFL. Building a state of the art open air stadium with top field turf would not be that expensive. I guess that this is compared to the cost of the 75-80k+ stadiums we build down here or the retractable domes that are the rage these days...

I would think that Quebec City would be a shoe in for a franchise. From what I've read, they are producing a lot of youngsters in the game there, and they have a strong university following. Would make for a natural french rivalry with Montreal!

Would think that either (or both) Windsor or Halifax could also support franchises...

I know that the players up there make very modest saleries, but what sort of financing do these franchises have? Just currious if they were money pits that only the rich own to lavish their sporting fantacies on? Or are they money making ventures that reap owners tidy profits if run properly? Or more likely, right in the middle. If properly run, they don't loose money. All else loose money according to the competence of the managment...

Here in the states cities will pay through the noses to build lavish stadiums to keep/attract NFL teams. If they leave/don't come the cities loose out on millions of dollars in lost taxes, and even more in lost business brought in to other business in town... Though some of these deals are way to in favor of the owners of the NFL teams. The cities are simply subsidsing the profits of the owners.

I like what Green Bay has done. The city actually owns the franchise. Because of this, they have the most rabid and die hard fans in the league. Also from the smallest town!

Anyways, love the CFL, wish I could see more of it!

Saskatchewan has a community-owned team, as does Edmonton.....

no man...its 25 000 min capacity....the only stadium that is less, is montreals regular season home, percival molson stadium...its 20 202, but its going through renovations ( ... LID=130138 ), and will seat 25 000+ in 2007.

montreal plays playoff games in the 50 000 seat olympic stadium.

thanks... thought I read that it was 17K... still, 25k is not that big, trusting it is open air.

Glad to hear that there are 2 community owned teams in the CFL. Would venture to guess that they are both pretty well supported by their fans.

winnipeg is community owned, aswell. bad.....forgot about them.....sorry Bomber fans.....

one thing that wasn't mentioned Huskerman is that .the CFL. has a ratio of players consisting of a set no. of American players (known as imports) and a set no. of Canadian players (non-imports) for each team...and also has a reciprocating deal with the NFL...( one that i would like to see re-worked.)...that allows for movement of players from our country to the states quite readily, if they show any promise ....something the CFL has to endure ...Fans have accepted the fact that a star or proven player may only be with them for only one season and be gone .. yet we support our game in pretty good numbers...the game in Canada is far more you have does not get the recognition it deserves...maybe time will improve that as more and more credible sponsors are showing's good to see we have followers of our league down south ,such as yourself...welcome aboard... :!:

huskerman u liek the blue bombers?

there going 2 win grey cup in 06

no they wont...they have too many challenges right now, for them to overcome it ALL in one season.

go to the bluebombers section of this forum, and read the thread i posted : 'coach a busy man'.....too much work to be done in one year.

....Calgary seemed to do a pretty good job improving....and I believe it was ...let see...oh yeah.1 year.... :idea:

lightning gonna strike 2ice?

........could happen.......but pap, along with coaches Calgary improved player positions too, Taman and Berry need to make some FA signings, particularily in your defensive LB and DB positions.....Karikari maybe?.....

i think the bombers miss the playoffs this year.
west is too strong.

calgary will finish first
edmonton second
sask or BC third
bombers watchin from living room.

but i think after things settle, they will make the playoffs in '07.

There is almost no way to predict the West right now. Free agency hasn’t even started