American Expansion

Has anyone considered US expansion, as a way to help the league financially?

It has been tried and it failed.

No way. Keep it Canadian

Heres a site with info about it.

I would only consider it if there was the need to add a 6th team in the West (ie, if the East had Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Hamilton, Quebec City and Halifax). And then, I'd only consider it in some of the smaller markets in the NW USA ... there's a big geographical gap in the NFL there. But other than Seattle (and to a lesser extent, Portland), most of those cities are quite small - smaller than Calgary, Edmonton, Hamilton, and the like. And Portland is probably already lost to the Seahawks. And the team would have to be fairly close to the Canadian border ... plus there's the import rule to worry about.

But let's first get the Renegades on solid ground before even thinking about expansion, let alone US expansion ...

I am pretty sure that after the last expansion failure into the USA, the NFL gifted the CFL something like $ never try it again......

But... didn't Baltimore lead the league in attendance in it's two seasons in the CFL?

What's so bad about having teams south of the boarder, the NHL does

Yes it did but it only lasted 2 years. Once the Cleveland browns moved there they lost interest.

As for the NHL who controls it now Canada or the States?

thats right ro, it didnt take the NFL long to move back into the Baltimore market.......and of course the American slant on that was that Baltimore only supported the Stallions like they did because they wanted back into the NFL........

Baltimore moved to Montreal in 96 not because of lack of fans becasue they averaged more than 32,000 fans agame in 95 but beacuse they did not want to compete with the ravens
but would it not be better to have american teams and a stronger league with more tv revenue than a small league
i think it is more fun to have more teams than going to the game as seeing the same opponent 3 times a year
would you not be proud to have americans watching our game versus us always watching the american propoganda about how their game is better

Any American city ould have to compeate with a NFL team. It could be true that Baltimore fans only wanted an NFL team back because all the other American teams had terrible attendance.

I doubt that the 32,000 Baltimore fans that showed up to games were all thinking, "oh, hey, if I go to this CFL game, we might get an NFL team back." I think it was likely more along the lines of, "hey, I like football, here finally is a pro team that I can go and support, sign me up!" and the NFL noticed that Baltimore likes football, and returned (since some moron was hoping to move the Browns out of Cleveland, it all lined up fairly nicely).

Actually, when you think about it, it could sound like Canada. Fans in QC for U-Laval, moron owner in Ottawa ... potential move ... hopefully (if that happens) it doesn't skewer the support for U-Laval.

I would feel proud to have Americans embrace our game (as they did in Baltimore), and I would love to not be subjected to all the hype we get about the NFL. But I would also rather have a small, strong league than a large, weak one - look at the NHL, and them adding 9 teams in the 90's. And I wouldn't mind seeing the same team 3 times a year (even though it wouldn't be that much - I would see each of the Eastern teams once, 2 of the Western teams twice, and 1 of the Western teams once).

Oh, and if that American team was somewhere in the gap between Seattle, San Fran, Minnesota, and Phoenix, I don't think the competition with the NFL would be as high as if there was a team anywhere else ...

Yes Baltimore supported the CFL but
San Antonio
Las Vegas
Sacramento Did not support us.
1 out of 6 is nothing to write home about

Again American expansion is a very bad idea because of the import ratio. Because of US labour laws the American teams do not have to have set number of Canadians on there team. This puts every other Canadian team at a disadvantage. In 1995 (in only second year of the expansion American teams) the American division had a combined record of 51-39 while the Canadian division had a record of 66-78. What would have happened after 5 years, after 10 years?

Yeah, it's true that Americans are better at football than Canadians (and we're better at hockey). A team completely made up of Americans would probably become consistently better than a team made up of half Americans, half Canadians (note that you'd still have to do it right - out of 7 American teams, the Stallions were the only ones who were really successful on the field, and off it for taht matter). An interesting idea I read here on the forum once was to replace the Canadian part of the import ratio (on an American team) with players from that state - so if there was a team in Salt Lake City, about half of its players would have to come from Utah.

And at least one American team worked out ... better than none. (Interesting that it was also the northern-most American team, by a lot - makes you wonder how other northern teams would have done.)

gotta admit las vegas and sacremento in the cfl was pretty cool

ask Calvillo how cool Las Vegas was

I just dont like the idea of the Canadian Football League having American teams.........

I will never get over that fact that an American team won the Grey Cup. Came close to doing it twice