American Cities

Which U.S. cities had teams in our CFL?

baltimor las vegas to name a few

just look it up on google or at the cfl site

shreveport, birmingham, memphis

Let's Not Forget San Antonio, And Sacramento

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It still seems strange that one of those American teams has their names on the cup - the Baltiomore Stallions. I witnessed that game at Taylor Field in Regina. I will always remember the American team hoisting the Grey Cup - interesting image.

To that I will say one thing - it may have been only a matter of time for one of the Americans teams to hoist the Cup - their all american line up was somewhat viewed as an advantage, remember they did not have abide the the Canadain content rule. (And this is not to take away from our Canadian players - it's just that Canadians usually take 2-3 years to develop in the CFL, where as the Americans are usually ready to go).

That being said, I wouldn't change a thing, I love our Canadian players, they are the heart and soul of our league - true leaders on the field! I digress...

Maybe heart and soul is what was missing from the CFL's American teams.

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  1. Baltimore
  2. Birmingham
  3. Las Vegas
  4. Memphis
  5. Sacramento
  6. San Antonio
  7. Shreveport

Places that almost got a team:

  1. Miami
  2. Jackson, Miss
  3. Norfolk, Vir.


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KK if the Cold War was still on the CIA would be all over this one looking for a secret code.

By the way...don't forget the BC Lions beat the Baltimore Stallions in the Grey Cup when Baltimore used an all American player lineup and the Leos used 18 Canadians and 17 Americans.

Yeah, but then they beat Calgary in the 95 Cup, Calgary's only lose to the Stallions.

You forgot Portland, OR. There was a buzz a while back about them possibly getting a team, but it never came through.

KK you also did not mention how Orlando almost got a team. It was the famous news conference called by the CFL. Then Comish Larry Smith was there and ready to announce the new team, but only one thing wrong, the owner to be never showed up and the press confrence had to be cancelled. That was one of several mistakes made during the American expansion. Had it been done properly and with the right owners and cities, to this day there could have been at least 6 US cities.