American Billionaire Proposes to Buy CFL

Load yer shotguns and hide yer women! Johnson's comin' to town to show all us hicks what professon'l football's all about!

[url=] ... o-buy-cfl/[/url]

lol that was funny, i kinda thought he was serious for a bit there... :lol:

Let me see, it's summer now, not April 1st, me thinks. :wink:

If I was a Canadian Billionaire, I would try to buy the whole league. Then I could replace the whole incompetant front office.

Then I could replace the whole incompetant front office.

You talking the Toronto Maple Leafs FYB by any chance? :slight_smile:

Ignorance is bliss :cowboy:

American Idiot is perfect song for this guy.
Typical American IIgnorance

Pat Kelly, the host of the clip, is a comedian. If you saw him you would probably recognize the face from a few Comedy Network shows (Good Morning World) and he used to host some YTV stuff. Anyway, that's him doing both voices. It's clearly a joke. I thought he did a pretty good job with the piece.


I found it kinda funny that people bought it after listening to it lol.

Humour without the humour

Black humour. :wink:

Actually I thought it was a Texas oil tykoon I saw on Larry King-sounded just as rich and just as stupid," What drill a relief well BEFORE an accident happens Are you nut's???" :cowboy:

Right on it's a sensitive nerve I have noticed in some parts on here.

We Americans can thank perhaps that idiot Anne Coulter for misrepresenting our common views whilst in Alberta for starters ...and hopefully not too many Albertans drank her Kool-Aid too because Alberta rocks!

I confess that I was blindsided at first by this too, having never heard of the either the show or the comedian before. He also did a fairly realistic impression of Ross Perot :wink:

Clearly it's a dumb joke though. No Texan is stupid enough to buy the CFL :lol:

You hope.

Is that a true funny?


Depends on if you have a sense of humour I guess.