American Article on Dimwiddie and Grey Cup

Found this article on Dimwiddie and his Grey Cup start in an Idaho newspaper. Interesting to read an American take on the CFL.

I read the comments below... and I applaud the guy who tore a strip off the other guys butt for knocking the article, because it's from Canada!..

Here's another interesting section from the Toronto Sun called In Yer FAce, where people respond to the ridiculous question" Is the Grey Cup What It Used To Be?"
And you won't beleive the ridiculous responses.

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yea I wrote a reply back and gave them hell for even publishing something so stupid during Grey Cup week.

Wow, that Toronto Sun article is pitiful, attendance is great, TV viewership is amazing this year. I always thought peoples perceptions of Toronto media jocking everything American to be kind of a joke, I didn't think it was that prevalent!!

Id agree wholeheartedly because I have my 74 yr old dad to tell me how it used to be but really, how old are you berezin99?... if you are younger than 40, do you have someone to tell you how it used to be?...its a matter of perspective and if you only have one perspective its not fair to comment.

The guy doesnt say its not worth taking in either. Hes just saying its not what it used to be. I dont find any insult in that, why, because its true. Consider this, it may be better!


I just placed a response on the Boise page. Take a look.

Great post, and though I will refrain, the Lo Phillips quote will only provoke criticism.


Re: Dinwiddie Article,

Love the comeback by comment #4, that you 2Much2Soon?
Alma Maters should be proud of their babies. Especially ones that will start in the "Super Bowl of Canada!!!"

Re: TO Sun comments by the Sun Readers,


the question should not be is the grey cup what it used to be, it should be "Is Toronto what it used to be".
TO has really become the least Canadian city.
The entire country has embraced the CFL and every city that hosts the Grey Cup execpt for TO know how to throw a great party.
We should pity TO. All they have is the Leafs and their love for the NFL.
The Leafs are no longer Canada's team. And only corporate suits can afford to attend their games. Real fans? They have to watch it on TV or in a bar.
And most football fans in the ROC actually enjoy both the CFL and the NFL, not one or the other.
With Canada's economic might now firmly in the West, and TO stagnating, I worry about TO. They face a lot of problems in the near future.
The joke used to be TO was the Centre of the Universe, but that's not the case anymore. That might be difficult for to handle, but it's only going to get worse.
Ignore the CFL and the Grey Cup at your own risk, TO. It won't be long until the ROC starts to ignore you.

Thanks for the article berezin99. I read it and thought it was pretty good for the most part. I do think a few more than 4 million will be watching is a typo though

You're probably right, but Canadians have hides like Moose and I'm certainly one of them.

This is well put Chewy. I believe that Toronto has become laughing stock in some ways because of the seeming inability of its media (and thus many of its citizens who are so profoundly influenced by the media) to recognize the growth in Canadian nationalism outside of Southern Ontario. I think there are signs that they are trying to change however, but after decades of bad-mouthing the CFL (a reflection of true Canadian culture if there ever was one) it's going to take a long time to undo some of the damage that has been done. Many people have grown up (thanks to a lazy media culture that would rather just report on prefab US news) learning to be embarrassed by Canadian culture. Greater media influence, particularly in the West, is beginning to change this, finally.

For sure, CFL football is becoming more popular all over the country. In Vancouver it used to be a tough sell but not anymore, Canadian football is getting even more popular in Qu├ębec, record television ratings for the CFL, and there is still interest in a CFL team in the maritimes.

Canada is going crazy for CFL everywhere you look. The Toronto media seems to think that there is something wrong with the rest of the country, but in actuality, there is something wrong with them.

If we could just get another team (sorry to flog this dead horse) maybe we could let T.O. have their stinkin' NFL team and move the Argos to a city that is truly Canadian. I hate Toronto, because it feels like a big U.S. city and is just a fricken wannabe. Truly a sad city - And yes, I have been there - and way more than once.

I thought it really ironic that the backdrop for the CFL awards last night was none other than Rogers - the same folks that want an NFL team.

Very sad.

People who form opinions about a city and its people on the basis of a portion of the media reports that emanate from that city are sadly uninformed. (To those who have posted in this thread - yes, I'm talking about you.) Sorry to have to tell you that.

Can anyone truly say that their local media reflects the spirit of their city and the diversity of views of the people who live there? I didn't think so. So why would you be so quick to assume that the media of another city (say, Toronto) is absolutely representative of its citizens?

Today's media are hopelessly addicted to the negative and the sensational, and not too interested in presenting a balanced view of the reality most of us know. I'd be very surprised if people didn't realize that.

Fortunately today there are many other opportunities to learn about the world besides relying on the word of a shrinking number of media empires. If you are reading this you already have at your disposal arguably the greatest information tool in all of history. Try broadening your horizons a little. You might learn that your fellow Canadians (who happen to live in Toronto) are not as evil as you've been led to believe.

Of course some thinking people realize there is gross bias in the media, but does it matter? Not much if they don't say or do anything about it. And no matter how often some see through the agenda the media does have opinion-leader status in society. That's why advertising and marketing works. If a similar message is consistently driven home time and time again over a period of many years, it is going to become part of the culture.

Canadians also live in other places other than Toronto. Some of them are also not evil simply because they criticize what they view as media bias.

Nobody is painting all Torontonians with a similar brush. The blame for disproportionate coverage of a sport that is clearly very popular is laid on the doorstep of big media where it should be, not with individuals, even if they have bought into the media message.

T.O. is like a big Winnipeg except it goes to sleep at midnight. Have you ever tried to order food in T.O. at 2am? Hope you like crappy pizza. T.O. used to be the center of the Universe, but now it's a black hole that sucks the life out of everything and everyone around it. Toronto sux like the Leafs.

I lived in Toronto for ten years. It really was the best of times/worst of times. I still think it's a great city despite the occasional media dupe I'd run into who got sncked into believing the ONLY football worth watching is NFL football.