Amending the "Forbidden Chant"

The whole 'forbidden chant' business reminds me of an old cheer that we modified and used at Queen's in the 80s after the College Bowl had been renamed...
"Touchdown, Field Goal, we want the .....(deliberate pause).........Vanier Cup"

There was an old Barney Miller episode in the 70s where a potential political candidate had the slogan...
"Vote for Royce, the People's ...(deliberate pause)... candidate"

Perhaps some similar creativity is needed to amend the "Forbidden Chant". As a 40 year fan of this team, I really think that we must find a way to get our message across and support this team and I think that "Forbidden Chant, Forbidden Chant" is a little too much of a tongue twister.

Suggestions please! Put your thinking caps on...

Argos impart copious quanities of negative pressure as do their fans

If successful, try and claim the $1000.00 bait money.

The Forbidden Guys knew something fishy was going on when Bob offered the prize. It was the trigger of "the curse".

"Argos Inhale Profusely"

Same meaning but with with a touch of pompous pretentiousness (ie, "Toronto") :wink:


Argos Inhale
Alouettes Ingest?

If we aren't allowed to Chant "ARGOS $*@#"

Maybe we should turn it around, change the direction, inhale to exhale ...


It even rhymes.


The Bassman


I've got a good one
How about

Sink The Boatmen!!clap clap clapclapclap

Ill take the $1000 haha

new bad boys commercial...

argos suck?

cats suck

cats suck
argos suck?

cats suck

cats suck

joke block the letters!

how many other words are blocked?

this one passes.


One guy used to constantly chant "nobody blows but the Argos" over and over again.

Or, it might have been "nobody blows like the argos."

The chant I heard after the Ti-Cat game in Calgary was

Nobody blows like the ***** ( * = the "a" word that I refuse to use for any reason).

Got a TiCat chant for you.


An Argo-Cat fan

… More than one Guy… We’ve been chanting this since the early 80s but I assume that this would be no more acceptable to the Caretaker than the Forbidden Chant…

made me laugh !!!

Oh..I'd rather be a Tiger than a "freakin" Argonaut...

How about when they yell arg------s -- Hamilton fans reply with --"TICATS"----------- Ticats.wma