Ameet Pall

Dave Naylor tweeting the Als have signed DE Pall who was Calgary`s 1st round pick, No. 5 overall. He was cut with a foot injury, not sure how serious.

He`s a Montrealer so he will be familiar with sinkholes. :smiley:

Good move by Jim Popp. Signed to active roster to eventually injury list? Signed to the practice roster? Being from Montreal he could better afford to be on practice roster.

I definitely don't understand Calgary; to save a few $$$$$, they release an injured first round choice rather than add him to the injury list.


Fantastic move by Jim Popp, and as Richard notes, a bit of a head-scratcher for Calgary. Normally if a 1st-rounder needs seasoning, you hide him on the IR. Can't figure out what Huf was thinking here. Non-import defensive lineman has suddenly become a position of strength for us. Between Pall, Ihekwoaba, Bekasiak, Mullinder, and Adebayo, we're pretty stocked. :rockin:

Some strange things going on.... Bamba was cut, Bender, Pall. Some teams just don't want to develop guys or take a look at expectations and attitude and cut their losses too quick IMO.

The nice thing about sinkholes is if you drive a Civic, Mazda 3 or a Sunfire you can find spare parts for your car in them :slight_smile:

Thas what I'm talkin aboot

Good job Jim

:thup: :thup: :thup:

Picked this up from gostampgo from a sharp fan who saw lots of training camp.

Re: Ameet Paul signs with Montreal!

Postby Lifelong Stamps Fan » Mon Jun 25, 2012 9:49 am
It was definitely a a blunder to draft him, but not a blunder to release him. Obviously no one had actually met Pall in person before the draft and the powers that be relied on third party information. Pall never passed the eyeball test, was way shorter than anyone thought, was a pure speed guy with no power. A huge mistake, basically.

What we can do is applaud the coaches for realizing this mistake and letting him go. Pall will never be an impact CFL player. I like this better than hanging onto a pick, because it would be embarrassing to let him go. eg. Jade Ettienne in Winnipeg.

How does a guy shrink from 6.4 273 according to the CFL scouting bureau to 6.0 245. ???

Freaky !

Im looking forward to hearing Hufnagels explanation. Imagine this happening in the NFL.

I wont get too excited yet about Pall, Im sure he will still have to be developed, but I guess its time I stop moaning over the loss of Adriano Belli with the d-line depth we now have.

With all due respect
Our d-line ONLY can be said to have depth
If they actually perform
Let's wait a bit before we make THAT assessment, shall we?

A couple of tweets on Hufnagel`s comments:

Ian Busby ?@SUNIanBusby
Hufnagel said he doesn't know how hurt Pall (foot) was after Friday in Regina. MRI was scheduled for Monday morning #cfl #calstampeders

Ian Busby ?@SUNIanBusby
Stamps GM-head coach John Hufnagel says he's disappointed in Ameet Pall leaving. He believed there was arrangement to rehab in Calgary #cfl

Wth? How on earth does a guy wind up being 4 inches shorter than his listed height?

Tells you how sharp the CFL scouting bureau is. This guy should still be a primo prospect. Two MVP in the Bol D'Or. Best Defensive player in SoCon two years running. Best defensive player in school history. He's about the same size as Anwar. Could develop in a quality rush end or be converted to a MLB.

Cameron tweeted that Huf said Special Teams completely foreign to him. He should fit right in LOL !

Yeah, I'm not convinced he's a bust just because he's shorter than listed. He has promise as an end or MLB. More importantly, we basically acquired Calgary's 1st-round pick for nothing. :cowboy:

Tyrone Crawford is listed at 6.4 and 273 whereas Ameet Pall is listed at 6.0 and 245.

Pall may never be an impact DL,but he could be a good LB; he was rated 7th by CFL scouts/GMs.

I am sure that he will be added to the injury list and we may have to wait a year or 2 before seeing this player amongst the 42 dressed players; in the meantime, a good investment.


Oops ! I Tyroned an Ameet :oops:

A couple of more tweets showing Hufnagel not that sorry to lose Pall. Dont know if thats sour grapes, but if it isn`t then he should fire his Canadian Scouting Director for blowing a 1st round pick.

And lets give Jim Popp a little credit. He wouldnt go to the trouble of upsetting a league rival and picking up an injured player if he didn`t think Pall was a legitimate prospect.

Ian Busby ?@SUNIanBusby
More Hufnagel on Pall: "Where he would have fit on the roster was on the practice roster. You need healthy bodies to help you practice? #cfl

Ian Busby ?@SUNIanBusby
Hufnagel on Pall: "He had a lot of growth to do before he became a roster player.? #cfl #calstampeders

No kidding he had growth to do. He was just drafted. If that's how they treat a first-round pick, that's their issue. I'm glad we picked this kid up.

Strange isn't it...

I have a LOT of respect for Hufnagel, but every once in a while, he'll do something that makes me scratch my head.