Ameet Pall

Don't get me wrong, I totally agree that if Pall wasn't performing on special teams and was also behind the rest of the Canadian d-linemen, he didn't deserve to make the team. I guess the act of cutting him loose is what surprised me. And that blog suggests cap issues were a consideration, since four other players (apparently?) will be on the one-game IR to start the season.

His body type seems more suited to MLB, as I see it.

Yeah but...but....

"Ameet Pall is a consistently hard worker on the football field, in the classroom and in the weight room,? said John Hufnagel, head coach and general manager of the Stampeders.

“He is a good leader both on the field and off the field. He will contribute to our special teams and compete at the defensive line position.?

John Hufnagel

But, but,

It’s a work in progress,? said Claybrooks. “Of course, he has to adjust to some things, but you see that quick get-off and the good explosion — those are the things you look for in a pass-rusher.

“We know that Rome wasn’t built in a day, but we know we have a lot to work with and we like the tools in his shed. Once we sharpen and refine them, we’ll be OK.?

Devon Claybrooks

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I wouldn’t read too much into those earlier quotes. Coaches are going to gush about prospects in camp, even though many of them might wind up on the chopping block. The question isn’t why they cut him, it’s why they left him open to being signed by another team instead of hiding him on the IR. If that was to save a few dollars against the cap, it’s not great business sense. How tight against the cap could they be? Burris, Rambo, Reynolds, all gone. Tisdale traded because they got someone cheaper than 100+k to play his position. Who exactly is sucking up all the cap space right now?

Herb Z from the Montreal Gazette with more:

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“I know I was a first-round pick,? he added. “I don’t care if it was injury-reserve. Stick me somewhere. I was going to get better. I could have stayed, but figured I’d go ahead with Montreal, where I can get better.?

Pall attended Wofford College in North Carolina, not far from Jim Popp’s family home. The Als’ general manager watched the prospect frequently as a senior, even attending his pro workout day, and had him rated high before the Canadian college draft.[/i]

Excerpt from Ian Busby's blog:

So on Saturday, with a roster cutdown crunch and several players injured, Stamps GM-head coach John Hufnagel cut Pall. Hufnagel met with the player to explain how he would foot the bill for him to live in Calgary, rehab the injury and maybe join the practice roster down the line. Hufnagel said Pall thanked him for not giving up on him.

On Sunday, Pall left for Montreal, where he has signed a contract with them. He’s injured and can’t play right now, but the Alouettes could stash him on their injured list. The Stamps aren’t exactly sure how severe the injury is, as Pall was scheduled for an MRI on Monday, so Hufnagel didn’t want to put him on the nine-game injured list prematurely if it’s only a few weeks of recovery.

Hufnagel said salary-cap concerns kept him from putting Pall on the one-game injured list, as five players are already there and the Stamps don’t want to get into a money crunch down the line. The injury situation put Hufnagel in a tough spot, and since there is no minor-league affiliate to send Pall where he could improve his game, the only other method to try and hold onto him was a gentleman’s agreement.

“I thought we had an arrangement that was agreed to by all parties,? Hufnagel said. “When it comes right down to it, he was free to do what he wanted. Our indications was he was going to allow the process to happen here.

“My other alternative is to just cut the young man and send him home. If a player is injured, even though he’s a rookie and we don’t have financial obligations, we try to get him at least healthy on our tab and see where his future may end up. That’s what I think I owe these individuals.

“The only thing I’m disappointed about it is when I was talking to him he didn’t say, ‘My agent is working a deal out.’ This would have been all avoided. It’s not for me to judge.?

...Dear Mr. Popp, based on that article above, you can have him...some teammate...perhaps Montreal can teach him something, like honour maybe....

I don't think its a big thing. If Montreal had drafted Forzani and cut him... Looks like he's two years away from making a contribution on any team.

I guess I was right... there is a little bit of a back story here. BC should have traded Fabian for Pall!

In one of the several posts I learned that AP has plantar fascia. Its not a serious injury but AP is going to have to rest the foot (s) that has this injury. This injury is quite painful on the soles and heels of the foot. Rising from bed in the am, the pain can be severe. Treatment consists of the following: rest ( stay off the foot for 3-4 weeks ), use ice to reduce the swelling, some excercises for the foot can be found on the internet and, the patient will need to purchase a pair of soles, as recommended by a specialist, for both feet. These cushion the feet and, can prevent other PF injuries once the healing takes place. As noted, treatment can occur quickly provided the patient follows the treatment plan. AP, better get some books and cable TV- you will be off your feet for a few weeks.

So they cut a 1st round pick - - big deal. Actually, big ups to Hufnagel for having the stones to do what almost every other coach or GM would never do. Anybody ever consider that maybe this Pall character doesn't have the game to be a pro football player and got just got cut because he's useless? He couldn't have shown much in camp - - do you really think if he'd run train during scrimmages Calgary would cut him?

Regardless of how bad a 1st round pick might be, teams will hardly ever cut him before even one regular season game because doing so is an admission that you screwed up the draft and an acknowledged failure. How did Adam Deadwood collect a paycheque in Edmonton for so long? Makes no sense hanging onto a guy in the hope that maybe he won't turn out to be a complete bust.

Honour? He was released. If Calgary wanted him to stick around, they should have put him on IR. But Hufnagel chose to release him as a cap-saving measure. Why should a young player with his livelihood to earn give a crap about some BS unwritten code that a team conveniently invokes for their own benefit? Once a player is released, he's free to do what he wants and take his services wherever he pleases.

...regardless of what Hufnagel's options were, they had an agreement D&P, an understanding, and Peet broke it, that in my books is are absolutely right though, he can break that at any time and go where ever he likes, we all are free to make choices and live with them...that's why it's water under the bridge now and he is with your team, for better or for worse..

Agreed, no way to start a professional relationship.

All we have is Hufnagel's vague statement about that agreement. We have no idea what it was. Regardless, it wasn't binding, and to me Pall's decision is no more dishonourable than releasing a guy because you're too cheap to IR him against the cap and then expecting him to just hang around and wait until you have the grace to sign him. The organization released Joffrey Renolds and Ken-Yon Rambo? Why? Because it's a business. If the team can treat personnel moves like a business, I don't see that it's dishonourable at all for a young man with his career ahead of him to take advantage of a business opportunity. Turnabout is fair play. You can't condone treating players like horse meat and then turn around and slam them when they respond in kind.

I am not knocking JH but I don't think there was an agreement of any kind. First those types of discussions should be put forward to the player's rep, especially a rookie. Obviously Ameet listened politely and walked out and did what he had to do. I've done that countless times in business meetings where there is no possible satisfactory outcome, why get into a confrontation that would lead nowhere? I mean "I'll help you find a place to live !" Who is 25 years old and is going to go for that ?

I don't think there is any bad guy in this thing. Just two guys who did what was best for them.

...then we'll have to agree to disagree because I see things like handshake agreements very different than you obviously my world D&P if Ameet had told JH 'thanks but I'm going to have to consider that' or 'appreciate the offer coach but I dont' think I can wait' then that's a different set of me, dishonourable, to you, a business decision, fair enough....

...HfxTC's final statement in the post above pretty much sums it up anyway..

I agree that Hfx's statement is representative of the situation. No bad guys here, just two units (player and team) looking out for their own interests.

Football is a business. Looks like Pall is at least two years away from contributing. It might not make sense for Calgary to invest in the guy for two years and have him turn around in two years and jump in free agency like Oramasionwu did this year for example. Where being a Montrealer Popp is more comfortable taking the chance being that it is Pall's home town.

Yes, you can take that chance with a local boy and put in the two years to develop him. Grooming d-linemen is something we've been doing recently. You look at Bekasiak's development in the past three years, or Chima who's in the final year of a three-year deal. Pall is a long-term project for us, not a roster player in 2012 unless we suffer a lot of injuries on the d-line.