Ameet Pall

I see the Stamps let him lose today… unusual for a 1st rounder to be let go, so I suspect there is a bit of a back story (ie: going back to school, etc.). Perhaps someone in the know can enlighten me.

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Some news on Pall in the above article; foot injury [rehab] may stick around.

Ameet Pall picked up by Montreal.

Great move by Jim Popp and a lousy one by Hufnagel. You don't release a number 1 draft choice just to save a few $$$$$.Hufnagel thought that all other GMs are "penny pinchers" like him. He gambled and lost.


...or he respects the salary cap too much to cheat and park and pay a guy on IR that can't call it penny-pinching, I call it playing by the rules...sounds like his injury is serious, is Popp still so smart if Pall can't rehab in anytime soon to be effective?

Very different philosophies for sure. Let's see if he passes his medical... Before labelling two top notch football guys.

Give me a break. Every team hides players on the IR.

sounds like his injury is serious, is Popp still so smart if Pall can't rehab in anytime soon to be effective?
This isn't a stop-gap fix. We already have plenty of NI talent on the defensive line: Bekasiak, Adebayo, Mullinder, Ihekwoaba. Pall is a work in progress.

Your GM just gave away the guy you drafted 5th overall. I'd be more upset if I were you.

Sure puts into question Calgary's draft prep. I wonder if Jones taking off caused this ?

...who says I'm not upset?, I also think Hufnagel has forgotten more about football than richard up there has ever known, so his inference that Huf is somehow an idiot for releasing Pall needed a challenge flag...sure I don't know the details why, but to assume it was simply to save some money is IMO a bad assumption...

…that is certainly plausible

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More Ameet Pall news; A) salary cap, B) Stamps Canadian depth, C) wasn't good enough
Perhaps Special Teams was a factor?

If you really feel that way, then don’t ever write anything on this forum that’s critical of any coach or GM, because clearly, that coach or GM has forgotten more about football than you up here have ever known. :roll:

This is a forum. We’re here to talk football. If you don’t like someone’s opinion, fine, but playing the “coach knows more than you” card is unequivocally lame, and a lazy, sophomoric way to shut down discussion, particularly coming from a moderator.

...sure I don't know the details why, but to assume it was simply to save some money is IMO a bad assumption...
Well, none of us knows the details, and we likely never will, but given that it's standard practice for teams to use the IR to hide guys not quite ready for prime time, you have to think dollars factored in...

Sounds like the Stamps either didn't do their draft homework, or else there's a disconnect between drafting approach and development philosophy. Either way, it doesn't reflect well on the organization. If a guy's a project, don't draft him expecting instant results. Personally, I'm shocked to see the Stamps cut ties with a first-rounder after one subpar pro camp, dollars and ST performance be damned.'re right, it was a bad way to argue...playing the moderator card when it was not warranted makes you an equal a$$hat...

Nice try. Whether you like it or not, shutting down a member purely for having an opinion that differs from yours is an issue when you're a moderator. If you don't want people to play the 'moderator card', act like an adult when you reply to other members.

...just how did I 'shut him down'? he's free to respond at will...act adult yourself, I used no strange magical powers to voice my opinion and you know it...

Magical Tinactin pixie dust LOL that we have successfully taken this totally off track

...I agree it's standard the article suggested, perhaps AP simply didnt' get better as the training camp progressed, relatively speaking in comparison to the other DEs in camp...a #1 draft loss is questionable though, oh well, good luck with your newest acquisition...

You ridiculed his opinion, without cause, on the open forum. An insult coming from a moderator isn't neutral -- it's loaded. By default it carries the weight of the forum, stifling debate. Believe me. Don't think other members don't notice when one of you wades into a discussion and starts hurling jibes and insults. I have no beef with you particularly, R&W, but I see this type of cheap hit-and-run from moderators on this forum far too often. You're a figure of authority here, you can surely do better than insults. Something along the lines of, "I don't agree with you at all. Hufnagel knows what he's doing and we have no evidence to believe dollars were an issue" would have been fine -- you make your point but avoid the personal attack.

Sometimes it just isn't a fit.