Ambrosie's Stamp on the CFL

Ten years from now when the CFL is dead, broken up, auctioned off, bought up/out, and gone from the minds of most Canadians, the experts of the day will look back and blame Covid for its demise. But that won't be correct.

The real reason will be Randy Ambrosie, his sycophants, and all the people who had something to gain in 2022 by going along with his delusions. And there's blame for people that came before him as well, but it will be his stamp that's final.

This may be the beginning of the end for myself and my passion for CFL football. Small changes yes, but I've seen this sh*t show continue for too long now. I've got a lot of work to complete before December, and it looks like I may have even more time now to get it done. Thanks, Mr. Ambrosie, for making what would have been an upcoming challenge for me a little easier.

Who knows? Maybe what will eventually follow the destruction might be something worthwhile.

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On a more positive note :rainbow: :sun_with_face: :lollipop:
I'm looking forward to the
Upcoming draft
A new fair CBA
Training camp
pre season games
and the opening kickoff to the full 2022 CFL season


New owners in BC and Montreal while having multiple groups interested in each. New investor in Hamilton who reached out to Young, not the other way around.

Hopefully the CBA gets done on time but there has been no mudslinging through the media so far, no strike vote taken and this is in light of 2 start up leagues

The new rules announced are far from drastic, no 4 downs coming despite the 'push' some people have said in the media

Have lost no teams nor owners walked away during Covid...the opposite happened as noted above.... despite many saying this is the end of the CFL as we know it or the end overall

It's been far from a bed of roses these past few years but there seems to be a number things going right too


Getting fired or finding out my dog died would be more positive than the initial post on this thread.

I don’t share this doom and gloom view of the CFL nor do I think it is facing certain death. There are always challenges and the CFL must continue to evolve as necessary to meet those challenges, including adopting new rules.

Expanding by 1-3 teams would help and the fact that the NFL won’t be coming to Toronto any time soon doesn’t hurt. There is also potential new gambling revenue to be had. Perhaps either of the spring leagues will pose a threat but that remains to be seen. I repeat my oft stated view that some kind of partnership/association with the NFL would be extremely wise. The only way I can see the CFL’s very existence being threatened is to not associate with the NFL and have one or both of the spring leagues do so, which will leave the CFL holding its d__k while the other leagues employ the best non NFL players and prohibits the CFL from doing so, which so far seems to be their intention.

All of this is speculation and I am confident the CFL will survive as long as it can adapt when necessary. Taking the position that rules should not change, that the season should not end earlier than November and that non football town Toronto should always have an unhealthy revenue sucking team is the kind of unreasoned approach that could lead to the demise of the league. As long as the CFL is willing to make changes, even major changes if required, it will survive.


.... Edmonton seams to have their Mojo back, parody among teams, great multiple rival games in a full season, good, bad or different, after back to back GC wins, all teams will want a piece of that dam "Peg" team! Fans back in the stands. Watching your (past favorite) players playing on other teams. Grey Cup in November.
I personally can hardly wait until May on.


So if everything is sunshine and lollipops why are the rule changes needed?

Try and keep the faith Mr. Cats. Not easy to do, I'll grant you.

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Hopefully to add more sunshine and lollipops....can never have too much..... according to my Dermatologist and Dentist

1 Christmas dinner--- good
2 Christmas dinners---great


Shouldn't this be in the "What Music Have You Been Listening Too Lately" category?

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The pace of the game has slowed down, scoring has decreased, attendance and viewership have decreased, at least since the CFL's recent peak in about 2012.

I think the league lost much of the momentum it had about ten years ago by messing with challenges, especially on PI calls, and video review. That really slowed down the game.


Video review is killing sports.

The pace of the game has slowed - This is not a result of the rules. As far as I know, the CFL hasn't figured out how to change 'time' itself, and they haven't changed the time allowed between plays. So if the pace has slowed, it's something else, like how the game is officiated. Let's fix that then, maybe.

Scoring has decreased - I see this as an improvement. I like low-scoring games and defense. It's why I like soccer as well. Am I alone here? I doubt it. Score, score, score... Sounds like people praying to hockey gods. I get a kick out of watching defenses shut down offenses. Sacking QBs, RBs tackled in the backfield, and making receivers look like chumps is what really impresses me. Offenses will always have an advantage over defenses. Let them prove themselves on the field.

Attendance and viewership have decreased - Yup, I hear that. And I'm likely to join that club as well. Changing rules may have been as much the cause of that as anything else that Ambrosie's mind can conjure up.

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Also, implementing rule changes is the norm in the CFL, and they usually spark loads of conversation (and hand-wringing):








I think the slower pace is directly related to the rules, especially the rules related to reviews and the way the clock is run. Unfortunately, they didn't address the clock, but they did add a "communications co-ordinator" to help reduce dead time between plays:

** A communications co-ordinator from the officiating department connected to the on-field crew via headset will be on each team's bench. That will allow for information to be shared with coaches without the referee coming to the sidelines, thus improving game flow.*

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This re-enforces my negative feelings. The nonsense just never ends.

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You are plain, flat out wrong.


Are you say yes to a November Grey Cup?

Who are you and what have you done with Jon ?:beers::beer:

Ain't that the truth! :laughing:

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No. I was saying the opposite. I’m still here. :beers:

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Wouldn't be the same without you :beers:

Was confused. Had you said the season should no later than Halloween then I get it.

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