Ambrosie on Genius Sports

Ambrosie with more hot air

The CFL’s official partnership with data and technology firm Genius Sports was universally billed as a business coup d’etat this offseason, but fans of three-down football have yet to see the tangible results.

While none of those advancements have been obvious to those following the league, Ambrosie believes the perceived lack of activity can be attributed to a communication failure.

That work has been going on continuously behind the scenes, with Genius Sports developing what the commissioner describes as a “giant data reservoir” of fan information that will be used to formulate outreach to each individual.

oh look they are doing marketing data research. where is the game data stuff? what the hell is going on with this? if i’m a bettor i want game stats and analytics, not marketing research.

the CFL toots it’s horn and says they’re exceeding expectations but where are the results and what were the expectations? oh wait there were non to begin with:

“Interestingly enough, I think what that original press release perhaps lacked is setting some expectations,” he admitted. “Because what we learned in those earliest days with Genius is that what we really needed to do is create a strong foundation on which the entire future marketing effort could be built.”

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This reminds me of Spinal Tap, which I recently rewatched. In particular, to explain the gig in Boston being cancelled the band’s manager explained that Boston was “not a big college town”.


i can’t stand Ambrosie. i have no idea what his vision for the CFL is.


Neither does he and he's unaware of it.

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[quote="GridironGirl, post:1, topic:82116"]
While none of those advancements have been obvious to those following the league, Ambrosie believesWhile none of those advancements have been obvious to those following the league, Ambrosie believes the perceived lack of activity can be attributed to a communication failure. the perceived lack of activity can be attributed to a communication failure.

Um…aren’t these guys in the Communications Business

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i’m so fed up with Ambrosie and his BS. if Rourke goes to NFL next season and there are no obvious improvements in play quality or evolution forward of the game, i’m likely giving up on watching. i love CFL football but the time for a leadership and regime change is overdue IMO. i’m getting sick of mediocre football and lack of tangible league vision going forward.

i’ll watch college and USports instead when NFL isn’t on.

i feel like Ambrosie just hangs out in the back pocket of LT and MLSE.

Are you enjoying the drop in scoring in the NFL

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i am enjoying the NFL a lot more than CFL these days, even the lower scoring and meh matchups.

i am of the opinion that lower scoring doesn’t necessarily mean not as exciting. i love good defence and effective run games.

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"In the old days, somebody would send us a newsletter and they’d send everybody a newsletter, the same one, and then you would troll through that newsletter for things that were of interest to you,” Ambrosie explained. “What Genius has helped us to see is the opportunity for us to actually send everybody very specific things, very specific to their interests.”

Basically Ambrosie is saying that Genius uses spyware lol

I can hardly wait until I get a CFL letter about "USA expansion", "neutral site games" and Genius sports launching games where fans can create the league online with the simulator etc.

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I agree I did not like this commissioner
From the start

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Oh yeah, he’s gotta go. Him and his global experiment. O-lineman?

Well the most optimistic thing I have read so far, amidst all the babble as cited correctly, is that Genius Sports is making rounds in the US with all their media and entertainment connections.

We discussed this same topic in the speculative Expansion / MLSE / XFL Collaboration Thread

Genius Sports is also connected to over 300 sports betting outfits worldwide, so something is in the works and I doubt that Genius Sports are working the angles alone on behalf of the CFL because they don't need to go it alone anyway.


Must tick you off that the Global experiment helped Winnipeg win their cups :rofl:

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i don't actually care about marketing stats as long as they are using them for actual marketing to make the league better. but at least get some usable extended data statistics like what are available for the NFL. i DGAF about the CFL targeting my betting inclinations, i want usable game data analysis and not in some sh*tty PDF format.

i've really gotten quite fed up with the CFL this year in general and i'm not going to pull punches on Ambrosie and his useless minions patting themselves on the back for hot air.

Well that's all true, but of course Genius and their partners and collaborators are going to be up to far more than that.

Sports gambling is not going to save the CFL or any upstart league on its own, but it's a valuable space for growth now and essential to be on the map for sports betting, and associated gaming such as Fantasy or video game ties, as the interested audiences with growth for live sports are only getting younger.

I've noted the numbers in a table from an article on the matter in a separate post in the thread about streaming live sports.

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unless Genius Sports are going to give me NFL NextGen or FantasyPros type stats and analysis, i'm probably not interested in their output or whatever it is they are doing that has "exceeded non-existent expectations" this year.

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Nobody can talk for an hour and yet manage to say absolutely nothing of substance the way Randy can


Ever listened to a politician?


For sure. Randy should head into that arena next after his time with the CFL ends. He would fit right in.

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