Ambrosie needs to go

Can you afford the paycut? :stuck_out_tongue:


All hail Bruno

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Something tells me that over the years, I probably have become more of a Relic guy.

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So are you implying that Knowlton Nash didn’t have supermodel good looks?

Relic was not all bad... He was the nemesis in the early years but turned to be the good guy that just looked like an evil antagonist....

I think I'm too young to get that reference.

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I'm still on the Ambrosie needs to go train. Just a reminder for those that aren't anywhere or have forgotten - the Park Lane Group are who brought in Peladeau, not Randy Ambrosie.

Ambrosie took the lead during the previous Alouettes owner transition, and we all know how that ended up. Not to mention that it was the Braley Estate who dealt directly with Doman, and Bob Young/Scott Mitchell are the ones brought in Kestenbaum.

So the question has to be asked then... What exactly has Randy Ambrosie done for the League ?

Oddly enough, even when he was the President of AGF, it went from a Multi-Billion Dollar Business to a $100+ Million business. Not a good luck either way.

Good looking people get thru life easily. Relic and I have wonderful troubles due to our not so good Appearance.

As KIm Coates the actor says...I do creepy well and it pays the bills.

Most leagues easily make do with a soft salary cap and some form of taxation for the rich teams

The hard cap NHL has implemented is insane and the fact they wiped out nearly 2 seasons worth of games to get it?

Teams like Arizona simply take on dead contracts to meet minimum while teams like Florida and Edmonton are screwed

No idea what you are referring to with "all leagues ... more interesting"

CFL certainly does not have a hard cap, neither does MLB, NBA, soccer
Other than NHL who else is doing this? (and dont go NFL since their cap is so insanely ridiculous they can hire CFL all stars to stand on sidelines holding the clipboard)

When I brought this one back from the dead - didn't see it gaining steam like it has -

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Most of the NHLs current "profit" came from NBC & Rogers overbid on the rights to wipe out the CBC and shut out BCE

I am very skeptical the renewal comes in anywhere near current valuation

(oh and TVA also helped drive up PQ rights)

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I am with you on this one in the general sense that I don't think that NHL/NBA and MLB are going to see skyrocketing rights fees going forward. This ties into another thread with streaming and cord cutting and the death of the Regional Sports Networks.

Gotta disagree with you.

The sport without a salary cap, MLB, is a complete joke because it doesn’t have one. Only 8-10 teams a year, usually the same ones, have a chance at winning. Boring. Anti-competitive as well. Bleccch!

The NHL, NFL and CFL all have salary caps. You can argue whether they are hard caps or not but essentially they are. As I posted above these three leagues are all ultra competitive in general and a dynasty is all but impossible. Thankfully those “good old days” are gone. No one wants to see Jerry Jones buy a championship every year like the Yankees and Red Wings used to do.

In particular I stand by my comments that the salary cap saved the NHL’s bacon. Without it there would have been no team in Winnipeg and Ottawa would have long ago left. Forget about Quebec returning. Ever. There is no way that the NHL would be as successful as they are today without it as I explained above. The players make more, the owners make more and there are more than six teams that have a chance to win the Cup in a given year. Why would you want to return to that nonsense?

Salary caps may not be perfect, such as the transferring of salaries you mention, but no one said they were perfect and that tweaks shouldn’t be made. In fact many have already. I just can’t picture a world where Canada loses two teams and only has two teams a year that have a chance at the Cup along with the Rangers, Boston, Chicago, Philly and perhaps a couple of others. Boring as hell. Sports isn’t about buying the best team. I would stop watching, as I have with baseball, if hockey or football ever regressed to that stage.


Look at La Liga - The Spanish Football/Soccer League - that is pretty much 3 teams and the rest are cannon fodder and a battle for 4th place. Or the Bundesliga where Bayern Münich outspends everyone, their payroll is as much as the bottom 7 or 8 teams in the league.

Which always strikes me as weird that the Europeans are way more socialist with their politics and governments but are way more cut throat and capitalist with their sports teams. Whereas Americans are way more socialist - Vanderbilt gets the same slice of the pie as Alabama. Same with the NFL and NBA.


True. I think you have made that observation before or at least someone has. It’s no fun for the fans when the same rich teams are always the ones competing for the crown. That pretty much takes things such as good drafting, developing players and good management out of the equation. Anathema to competitive sports.


Teams became profitable the moment the new CBA was signed back in 05’ or 06’. Literally caused the profitable teams to have to shed millions in payroll because of the salary cap. Teams that were losing money no longer were and those hovering around the break even point were now solidly in the black.

The Rogers deal just bumped the salary cap higher but the principles that provided the bedrock for stability was laid after that CBA was signed after the lost season.


There’s no argument. Those 3 leagues have hard caps. Period.

As you say, those leagues that have caps have parity. Those that don’t have owners buying championships


You do know Quebec will never return right? There are what, 5 US cities ahead of them for expansion (as the loaded process for Vegas and backdoor entry for Seattle have proven)

The day Quebec (or Hamilton) joins the league is the day Bettman is gone

He is even offering a 30 year GUARANTEE to not move Arizona if city approves funding for arena (Tempe entertainment district)

Bettman only wants NHL in big market cities
Watch; Atlanta 3.0 coming soon

Also to put out the nonsense about "sucess" (there is a much longer discussion in the other thread) but the ONLY reason NHL "looks" successful is Rogers went wild and overbid on NHL contract (and for regional rights to a lesser degree TVA)

Next valuation is going to be significantly lower as Rogers has been bleeding money from other divisions to justify the payout

As valuations for franchises continue to rise, it's highly unlikely that you will see another Canadian franchise (expansion/relocation) in the near future.

If one of the smaller markets in Canada (Ottawa, Winnipeg, Calgary and Edmonton) and maybe Vancouver lose their franchises, they won't be back at all.

Ottawa's franchise can go upto $1 billion USD and its considered a small market team.

Sad but true.

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