Ambrosie needs to go

seriously he’s deadwood. i just don’t see enough progress with this guy and it’s always hot air and there doesn’t appear to be much direction.

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Totally agree! Time for a new Commish. Randy just isn't cutting it. Time for new blood.


Based on history who else would want the job.

Might as well keep him as they may find anybody else.

Or they bring in someone from the NFL who knows marketing.

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If he wins Sunday, maybe McLeod Bethel-Thompson?

I did say I can get behind MBT for Commissioner but he does need to keep his temper in check.

Yup that's just what we need is the Geico Caveman as our new commissioner .


15 mins can save you 15% on your insanity :joy::rofl::sweat_smile::beer:

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Again, the owners and the board seem to be happy with him.

If you're upset at him, be upset at your team's owner or governor.


And. THAT is all that matters


Another one from the discard pile. Where are we at with Randy? I am on board with keeping him. I think that the CFL could do a lot worse than this guy truth be told, and he also wants the job and seems to enjoy having the job.


what the... are you trying to get me fired? lol :rofl:


Randy gets BIG bonus props for the quick work on the MTL fiasco,
Now all he needs is to get traction on a new franchise in Halifax and new $$$ for the upcoming TV contract in a couple of years from now and he'll be okay!



btw, please ignore everything that Gridiron bitch posted prior to mid-Jan. thanks


I think with the coming of new owners it will happen. The league needs better promotion for a start. That and a million other thins are not happening. This whole combine thing - they promote like crazy here and no where else.
Better promotion is simple easy and cheap now days. Where they could involve University interns to do most of the work and with well under $100,000 in investment all the things that would not only promote the athletes but promote the grass roots that feeds that system could be promoted.

Realize the one thing I did in sales - Its not about products and services as much as it is about people. When its about people all the rest happens. But the people come first.

Besides whats posted here what do you know of this years draft picks? Bio's, in game footage, interviews.

What about players? Do they have families? Where are they from? What are their hobbies? Do they play other sports? Whats a day like at training camp?

It's what NFL films does....and the CFL doesn't do at all....


Nope just bored and went into the discard pile. Can we have a new rule or guideline that every so often someone has to go into the discard pile and revive one of these threads that went down for the big dirt nap?

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Sure, who would want a 600,000 per year job in sports!!!

I'm not about to give props to Ambrosie for finding Péladeau. It was more a case of Péladeau falling into his lap.

I'll remember him more for allowing the Spiegel Estate situation to remain in limbo for so long, handcuffing Maciocia at the start of free agency.


When you are at the top of the food chain
You get crucified for all failures
Kudos for all successes


When you are at the top of the food chain you can also inflate prices and reap huge profits. :woozy_face:

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