Ambrosie interview with National Post reveals Business Plan

National Post - How can the CFL put more 'bums in seats'? Commissioner Randy Ambrosie shares his business vision

Pretty good read for anyone interested . Ambrosie talks to Dan Barnes of the National Post dated June 5th .

The article speaks on his vision for a united league who sells collectively and shares the best ideas of conducting business .

I like his ideas expressed in the article and I like that he looks at the numbers to get his ideas across .

I also like that he expresses a honest sentiment I wrote once here " why would anyone want to be an owner in this league " . He uses a different phrase .

That takes guts to say that out loud when you are the head of an organization and he uses the number of a 1.3 percent growth rate to say he would not invest in a business with that rate that doesn't out pace inflation .

The revenue growth is too small for expenses . There is no plan for future growth .

The best is using the league as a whole entity and breaking down the fiefdoms .

I can see why he was chosen . Lots of work ahead .

And to think, a guy with this much business acumen, who's this passionate, and a former player who knows the league and its markets inside-out...was once a Commissioner bridesmaid to Jeffrey Orridge, lmfao!

Revenue growth hasn't been a problem. Revenues have gone from 5 million or so 15 years ago to around 20 million recently. The problem has been increased expenses of all kinds.

I don't know but 1.3 is pretty small growth if measured over 5 years . I have to believe it's a true number .

I didn't know it was this low and was kinda surprised .

If it doesn't out pace inflation then it's just not football expenses it will be too low to pay the electric bill and every other every day costs eventually .

You got that right rhymes!