Ambrosie does something!

The guys that work security at football games aren't going to be in a position to challenge fake vaccination cards. They are too busy trying to see if you brought in a bottle of water
I think the only place that will require proof of vaccinations will be cruise ships.

As I said:

"Undoubtedly there will be a few scofflaws in the stands, but with everyone else vaccinated those idiots would have little effect on the health of the rest of the (smart) people."

So you are correct in that stadium security likely won't catch all of those with fake vaccination cards, however they will at least challenge people entering to provide proof. Since, as I also said, it is much easier to get the jab than it is to get counterfeit proof of vaccination, the numbers trying to game the system should be relatively small.

Maybe the league could ask jt for a program like the firearms purchase.he could buy all the teams and let the owners keep them

You know what????? There's a key point that I actually just thought of (and likely others have to), and I'm wondering if this something the CFL will be considering as well.

What if you had a situation where governments don't allow fans at first, then slowly allowing them until you're at least 50% capacity. But then suddenly, halfway through the season, things start to worsen again (perhaps a new varient). At which point at least some of the provinces abruptly stop allowing fans again, and lasts until the end of the season.

In this case scenario, would all teams be committed to playing right through to the end of the season, even with no ticket revenue coming in for some of the teams?

Could there be some teams that decide to pack it in and call it a season (a.k.a. stop playing)?

What would the league do in this case????

that is one scenerio why they shouldnt try to have a reg season of any kind this year.

herd immunity or bust.

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