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Still negotiating. Still time to get a deal

The continuity of a very important market segment for their advertisers.

So continuity of market (whatever that means) is more important than drawing viewers to the programming they sell to sponsors? Bell gets revenue from two main streams for TSN: subscriber fees and advertising revenue. I cannot envisage any scenario in which revenue from PPV would exceed (or even come close to) the revenue Bell gets now from those streams.

If games are played, they will be broadcast on TSN, not moved to pay-per-view. PPV is nothing more than creative, wishful thinking -- it is not a realistic option.

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Certainly not. All players in the CFL scenario are going to take a hit. Continuity means not having a second cancelled season i don't know why thats hard for you to understand. TSN can play hardball with their numbers and end up losing a big player in their broadcast schedule or they can offer some kind of a season for their advertisers, sports, and fans. Seems like an easy choice to me.

Kind of true
Covid was only ID in animals in 1920s and 1930s
The first human case was not ID until 1960s (but the fact it was never isolated does not disprove it could have jumped, just the fact doctors of the time were unable to isolate it)

This was a bizarre post on so many levels

The Covidiot slang sounds like you trying to insult me (and its funny because the site linked was opposite as well)

Even Tam has said (exactly) what I said to you; Covid is NOT going away and people will have to live with it

The idea a 14 day lockdown could "eliminate" it is absurd; all that does is slow the number of critical people exposed being taken to hospital (eg 5 per week over 2 weeks instead of 10 in a day)

EVEN if the vaccine currently in development is effective (I am skeptical; see our success rate against other flu / influenza vaccines) you still need the vast majority of population to actually GET the vaccine

Covid can not be cured until 2022-23 at the very earliest
And even then it will be like Influenza and alot will die every year

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I'm sure we all agree the CFL would be far worse off to have no season at all in 2021 than to have some sort of season. But I'm afraid you have not made any kind of persuasive case that somehow Bell will allow the league to put any games it manages to play on PPV instead of TSN.

Bell has a binding contract with the CFL for exclusivity, and would obviously have to agree to any move to push telecasts elsewhere. What evidence is there that either Bell could possibly come anywhere close to matching what it makes from cable fees and ad revenue through PPV revenue?

Bell pays the league somewhere around $40M per season, plus it incurs game production costs. So let's assume total cost to Bell of $50M, and that it generally makes a profit. Let's conservatively assume a profit margin of 10 per cent, which means $55M would have to be generated. That means Bell would need to make $640,000 per game from PPV. Sounds easy -- a dollar each from 640,000 viewers, or $10 each from 64,000 viewers, would roughly do it. How likely is that? Are 640,000 people going to pay $86 to get 86 CFL games that they used to get for a lot less than that through cable fees? Are 64,000 Canadians going to cough up $860? How many Canadians have ever bought a PPV event of any kind? How many Canadians in the CFL's primary demographic have done that?


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Sure, if they cant have fans in the seats I would be willing to pay an additional fee to TSN for the season, and in turn have it directed to the CFL, call it PPV or what ever the heck you want to call it

why don't you just donate to the CFL then?


That is an option but to get the kind of money that is needed to pay the players I don't think my $ 100.00 will go very far

Because i want to see the games on tv for my money. All players in the CFL soup benefit from some kind of broadcast deal.

well, it isn't going to go any further offering to give it to TSN, only then to be given to the CFL.

No its not. But i get something for my money and TSN does too.

Just to clarify, we are talking about "additional" money, over and above cable costs to TSN.

It was suggested TSN take an "additional fee" to watch the CFL. I said that additional fee should be given directly to the CFL.

I wonder if anyone has approached TSN about broadcasting CFL games on their regular network? They could sell ads and increase the value of their service to viewers, and maybe even pay the CFL something for the broadcast rights.

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You're in the minority. Big time.

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What I suggested was an additional fee over and above what I pay TSN now, its possible some folks could and would get on board, just spitball"n

Yes that is what I was throwing out there,

I understand. Not sure Garney did, but I get it.

And I'm all about providing the CFL some charity. But we all know it's better to provide directly to the source. Giving an "override" to TSN, only then to be given to the CFL, is less effective than the CFL receiving the donation directly.