Ambrosie does something!

Limited seating at the games, pay per view package with TSN. There i fixed it for you Randy

Season isn't for another 8 months. Maybe we need to find out what the options are a little closer to the season.

I heard on the Rod Petersen Show that the CFL secured Amazon as a sponsor. That is hardly doing nothing

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Maybe RA and the BOG will discuss your suggestions next poker night.

Then the BOG will discuss with their staff on team poker nights.

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In case the options get better?

I certainly hope they've gotten past that point despite Randy's dithering.

A rumour from Rod isn't worth much after Randy's big empty anouncement.

Are they playing Omaha or Texas Hold'em? How much is the Bad Beat Jackpot? LOL!

They guy running his CFL sim game mentioned it

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That's about all the trust i put in Pederson !

Even if Amazon is or isn't a sponsor. It's huge news. Nothing wrong swinging for the fences

whats this in reference to?

Next season. He still has no idea what he's doing.

Who does? There is no pandemic playbook that every league uses. Ambrosie is working with what he's got. Give him a break


I would say the leagues that managed a season this year had some ideas. For him to come out with a big nothing burger of a statement like his latest comment about moving forward shows he's not up for the job.

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League that managed complete seasons were the NFL and MLB that have huge TV deals. NHL and NBA only used the bubbles to complete their seasons. MLB could have a hard time playing next year with no fans. This year they already had season ticket and sponsorship money in hand when the pandemic struck. Will be very little new money coming in on that front in 2021

NBA will be fine due to the large TV deal but the NHL may have a hard time getting off the ground. Like the CFL they're dependant on the gate to a lesser extent. That will be the one to look at it they can get a season going. Some teams are already feeling the punch hard.


Actually many smaller leagues had a season as well including; canadian soccer, cornhole, disc golf, and darts.

"Following a shortened 2020 season with no fans in the stands, Major League Baseball’s 30 teams have accrued $8.3 billion worth of debt from their various lenders, according to MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred."

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NFL Teams Estimate Losing About $100 Million In Local Revenue Playing Games Without Fans

Well there are 30 teams, so it works out to $3.3M per team
Kind of like the CFL asking for $30M loan for 9 teams

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