Just came across these television numbers which are annual per game average. What makes this year increase so significant is that a record number of games have been shown by both networks. This year increase from last is 33% for TSN, 5% for CBC and even though I am still trying to get RDS similar summary, they had a 10@ increase. As a further footnote , we all remember the announcerless CBC games. The biggest audience during the several weeks was Sask-Lions @ 746,000.
Here is the summary.
1997 314,000 155,000
1998 376,000 196,000
1999 347,000 236,000
2000 361,000 260,000
2001 378,000 266,000
2002 450,000 353,000
2003 407,000 322,000
2004 438,000 311,000
2005 462,000 395,000

Increase from 97 47% 155%

I keep saying how even though we have completed year 3 of 5 TV contract at $9M per year, if TSN was smart they would renegotiate this year and the CFL no questions asked should start the bidding process with TSN at $20M per year and at least $5-10 with the remaining CBC/Sportsnet possibility. Of course, we forget how RDS is tied in with TSN.

What kind of ratings does TSN get for things besides the CFL? Is there at least one game a week that is their top rated program? If so, then TSN definetely should renew the contract. Hell, it would be worth it if there was one game a week that was in their top 3. Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking the CFL, and those numbers are impressive, I just hope that CFL is a big enough market for them. Which, judging by those numbers, it is. SO really I don't know what I'm saying. Go CFL!

The only other sport that garners better numbers for both TSN & CBC is NHL hockey. Although I do not have precise $ figures, it is much much more then the current $9M per year or my possibility of $20M. I may be wrong on this and someone please correct me if the real # are known, but I seem to think both are paying over $50 annually. Keeping in mind how the Grey Cup is the most watched sporting event of the year, plus the playoff numbers are in some case better then hockey, the current TV rights for our CFL is a joke.

Well upon further digging, I have apparently uncovered how the CBC is paying $60M and TSN at $20M annually. If thats the case and they are still making a ton of money from advertisers, it proves how the CFL is getting hosed on the current contract. And maybe my suggestion of $25 annually for all of the games plus Grey Cup is still not enough.

i think alot of this has to do with the CFL being UNSTABLE.....

NHL is consistant YEAR-AFTER-YEAR....the CFL is not...YET

they dont want to spend 20 mill plus on 5 years, then have Tom Wright released, a new commish hired, and the CFL going in the wrong direction...then have a team fold, and the CFL go down the gutter, AGAIN !!!then the ratings they are paying for, go down the Crapper aswell.

remember the CFL has only been on the 'UP' for a few years...who knows if it will take another FALL. ( i hope not, but the owners dont co-operate)
i think, when the CFL gets stability, a 10th team, an enforcable CAP and shows CONSISTANCY they will get the BIG TV deal!

thanks , once again.


Thats why it is so crucial to sign TW for a long term deal as he personifies strength and STABILITY for the league. Bringing in mega dollars from big sponsors etc.


i was pointing out why the CFL doesnt command the big money it should...and its because of its own squabling.

hopefuly they do re-sign TW and allow him to build the strong foundation ( cap, expansion, and sponsors ) that is needed to create the stability that will ultimately lead to MORE MONEY from TV deals.


T.W. gave the B.C. team the Commish move!

Why is it the CFL is every Canadians whipping boy, DG mentions the NHL. Talk about instability, didnt they just nuke a season over greed?? With the exception of a few teams only( less then one hand) the rest of the teams and league is bleeding and is on critical condition. Many American teams and their supposed fans dont give a damn about hockey. I have heard on good authority that the attendance numbers are bogus and padded or papered, more so then Paul Godfrey with the Jays. In fact, the league is talking about moving American teams to Canada.
More teams have folded in the NHL then our beloved CFL. All I am saying, Canadians quickly forget, not me, why our All Canadian boys are no longer pure and are greedy just like the others, save and except CFL players.

im talkin as far as canada ( not usa, cuz TSN and CBC are canadian networks )...NHL is TOPS year-after-year. networks and advertisors know what they get with the NHL in canada...the numbers are the same year-after-year...

its not like that with the CFL....its growing now, but history says it will fall again...but i hope not!!!

until the CFL gets its own problems solved, and the owners show some UNITY, and give TW the power he needs....networks will be scared to give that much money to a league that could collapse tomorrow.

I have read how this year the league will provide team shares of $1.2M, meaning it is the combination of TV and corporate sponsors. Seems low to me as I would have thought it would be a minimum $1.5M. Regardless which number it is, this low number means the league and each team continues to be ticket driven. Thats why if and when a high TV contract and more corporate sponsorship(despite tripling this year and thanks to TW)is signed, then hopefully each team will get $3M-$4M annually.

that would be amazing, cuz that would nearly cover the CAP right there, and would make it easier for teams to make profit....

thus proving the NEED for the 3.8 cap to be enforced.

The down side to more money for each team is now the pie is devided by nine slices. If and when we expand to 10 and possibly 12 teams, the share gets smaller in theory for each team. Thats why each team and their respective regions will have to bring more fans and overall corporate sponsorship. Because the franchise fee of course is a one shot deal.