wth this is the most bizarre thing ive seen, how many players from the bombers are at the top of the stats. I know its early but isnt it weird?

Passing-1st- Kevin Glenn- 709 yards
runner up- Ricky Ray-678 yards

Running-1st- Charles Roberts- 184 yards
runner up- Joe Smith BC- 163 yards

Receiving-1st- Terrence Edwards- 223 yards
runner up- Milt Stegall- 160 yards

Touchdowns-1st- Charles Roberts- 5 TDs
runner up- Joe Smith-3 TDs

Defensive tackles-1st-Barrin Simpson- 17
runner up- Robert Bean- 13

Sacks-1st- Brent Johnson BC- 4
Runners up- Doug Brown, Gavin Walls- 3

Special teams tackles-1st- Kyries Hebert- 6
runner up- Mathieu Bertrand EDM- 4

Forced Fumbles-1st-Corey Jenkins- 2

Interesting. While the only stat I really care about is the number of W's, being tops at everything else would be nice too.