Amazing Hank!I

Did you know that Henry Burris has more career rushing yards than Pinball Clements. I didn’t either till Hank’s biggest fan ( himself ) let the panel know on last nights TSN Thursday Night Football telecast. Atta go Hank!

What pissed me off about that panel last night is when they were yacking about the frontrunner for a Grey Cup appearance and/or who is the best team. Milt says Bombers, Sanchez likes the Stamps and Burris picks the Riders.

No mention of the Cats. :o

Who cares? Burris, Sanchez & Stegall are all idiots.

Well no more so than any of the other talking heads we see on TV.


Can someone explain to me why these guys are idiots for not picking the cats as their GC favourite?

That is their professional opinion. Matters as much as anyone else’s opionion.

When critics don’t believe in you or your team; that should be a motivating factor for you and your team.

There are lots of examples of this.

  • Cats 1986 team was a great example of this.
  • 1986 & 1993 Canadiens were great examples.
  • Hanks 2016 RBs is another example.

Haters will always find reasons to hate, regardless of facts - but that is their problem.

Now the cats need to go win a GC, and defy all odds.

ya know. if someone had picked cats instead, then fans of the other team not picked would complain.

it doesn’t really matter who gets predicted to win, at the end of the day, its who actually gets it down.

My guess would be, at this point, none of Burris, Sanchez, and Stegall think the Cats are among the front runners for the Grey Cup. Two possibilities, they are right or they are wrong and only time will tell. :smiley:

Where was it said that these panel guys are idiots because they did not pick the TC as their GC favs?

Just show me the fact.

Count Floyd, today at 1:06

Thanks Palmer, for being smart enough to put two posts together.

I know its a low bar- but some have trouble with even this concept. ?

LOL It does not. At least not in English it doesn’t. All it says is that they are idiots.

The reference to the Grey Cup is implied as it follows Krisiun’s comment that none of the commentators mentioned the Cats. Readers of Count Floyd’s post then infer the connection. ;D How’s that for shifty reasoning :wink:

The ONLY Amazing Hank that ever played in the CFL, was Hank Ilesic.

Henry Burris is a self promoting SCHLEP.

That panel sucked BTW, its so much better with Rod and Matt, and a few add on’s

LOL The implication is only in your mind. And now you go on to claim to know the operation of the other readers minds?

It’s completely wrong. I don’t think they’re idiots for not picking the Cats, nor is anyone else an idiot for not picking the Cats, and I never said that. It was inferred by Palmer & 150 Gage. It’s all the stuff they say that makes them idiots. Of the 3, Stegall is the least idiotic. Never thought I’d be pining for the pithy comments of Jock Climie, but at least he usually backed up his points with logic.

My apologies.

The logic follows that the Cats are 2 points out of 1st overall with a game in hand. Stegall favours the Bombers which is fine. They are 1st overall. But how do those other two bozos pick Stamps and Riders over the Cats? Those team are now 3rd and 4th in the West as of this moment and are also sporting rookie QBs just like Hamilton.

It’s like nobody is allowed to praise the Cats. Whether on the panel or the power rankings.

I get where you’re coming from, but I sort of like that we’re flying under the radar. I’m not sure that any player in the league would actually give a crap about the panel’s opinions, so their opinions are mostly harmless & everyone has their own biases.

I just find that Sanchez & Stegall are stuttering goofs who don’t belong on tv. Burris’ delivery is better, but is actually the dumbest of the 3, with his ragging on Simoni Lawrence for a completely legal hit 4 yrs ago & his comments that he “saved every team he played for”. Dunigan is getting worse with age as far as making mistakes go. I really miss Chris Schultz. Both he & Climie at least added insight, although for a long time, Climie had nothing good to say about the Cats. But again, those were the years when he had no reason to do so.