'Amazing feeling': QB Maier shows poise in CFL debut as Stamps hold off Als

CALGARY —  Rookie Stampeders quarterback Jake Maier showed poise beyond his years in his CFL debut in Week 3. The 24-year-old bounced back from a rough start to help lead Calgary to a comeback victory over the Montreal Alouettes for the team’s first win of the season.

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The Calgary Stampeders failed to convert a second down and 2 on their last possession. As fate would have it their prevent Defense allowed the Als a chance to win the game with a major and the successful convert. Coach Dickenson must be able to execute a mere 2 yard gain. My game ball goes to Jake Maier with the Stamps first win in 2021. :cowboy_hat_face: :cold_sweat:

The stamps were far from perfect last night, but the youngest team in the league is making great progress

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Not bad at all for a first timer, few mistake few and there but thos can be patched up, give him a few games and i think hes good to good


After Als got rid of Kares Hebert I thought we seen the last of the thuggery. Montreal with 149 yards in penalties was there any illegal dangerous play they didn't make? Roughing the passer, un-necessary roughness, horse collar, cut block, face masking. Washington open your wallet a big fine is coming next week. And if the CFL are serious about player safety, maybe a number of other Montreal players need a fine.


It takes two to tango. :rofl: