Amazing defence

BC lions defence was looking amazing, all the fumbles and intercetions they caused. AMAZING DEFENCE, AWESOME JOB. there was like what 6 turnovers? And that one interception and he ran for the touchdown, amazing!

After yesterday's performance it is clear...DEFENCE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS.
They controlled the game and the offense was able to eventually capitalize. Can or will they do the same in Calgary?
Facing a better passing and running attack...tougher man-man d to contend with? I welcome the realisitic opinions of others...
in doing so please go with your head rather than your heart.

"Good luck Lions"

Our defence really did play well yesterday, the pressure from the front four was outstanding and the Db's were not getting beat deep like they have been in past weeks. What concerns me though is our offence and the inability to capitalize on turn overs. Calgary is a much stronger team than Sask in all aspects of the game and if the Leo's can't capitilize on Calgary mistakes next week it will be a long day.