Amateur Football In Canada

I'm getting a little distrubed by how many people keep say that there is alot of kids that are playing soccer. So I did a little digging. There are hundreds of football websites. Starting with, If you go to their contacts page under member associations you will see that every province have their own website, with links to many others.
There is
There is the This league is a semi-pro league and uses the American rules, but has two Canadian teams. One in Ottawa (the Deacon Deamons), and one in Qubec (the Titans).
There is a website out of Ottawa,, that keeps tabs on football players from the Ottawa area. There is even a blog page
All these leagues have age ranges from 8-19+, and most have touch and flag football links as well.
I know that there are probably just as many soccer websites. But now that you know there are thousands of kids playing football, find a league near you, and get out and support them. Show your civic and provincial leaders that football is not 'dying' .

Frisbee football also!

The league my Grandson plays in has lots of teams and divisions out in the Vancouver area.