Amar Doman brought Lions infusion of energy and ideas

TORONTO — Amar Doman is a lot of things. Founder and sole shareholder of The Futura Corportation. Owner of the BC Lions. Football coach and CFL fan.

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Maybe Amar might consider being the future CFL Commish one day? Thoughts?

The important question is “has he managed to increase attendance”?
The big attraction at the home opener was the concert, but has attendance increase since then?
Last season they had the big crowd at the opening game with the concert but even with Rourke leading the team they failed to increase attendance.
Maybe it will be baby steps to get bums in the seats.
It was

According to the Canadian Press, attendance is up in BC, Montreal, and Toronto.

According to a quick glance at this website, it has.

Other than the first home game, 2022 had below 20,000, except for when SSK and WPG were in town. 2023’s attendance has been over 20,000 for every game so far.