am i to nice????

But when i saw Kerry Joseph's face i felt really bad for him, i remmeber when he broke in with Ottawa he was an amazing athlete that turned our league upside down for awhile..

and when he went to sask even tho he beat my eskies it was great to see such an exciting player and when he was traded it was bittersweet, he was soo good in green and fun to watch, yet he beat our im wondering if its the end of a great player and if he is done ill be very bummed!

I really think that Joseph is like many other CFL QBs from the past that had one really good season that was surrounded by mediocraty (sp?) the season before and the season after.

Think: Casey Printers, Khari Jones, Jason Maas and others.

Joseph is done - he should think about going back to the position he was playing when with the Seahawks in the NFL, before he left to come play in Canada. Wasn't he being used as a DB down there?

I think he is done.