AM I the Only person who actually watched that game

I keep reading threads blameing the Defence and Casey Printers about the horrible showing in Calgary.. Did anyone see the pressure that Casey was under i can recall maybe 3 plays that he had decent protection in which he could take a glance at his second read this lack of protection was the main cause behind Casey's Fumble cuz he was trying to make his reads while the ball was snapped either our O-Line needs to be firing off the ball for lumsden or they just werent ready after a short week or they just arent up to this calibre. In regards to our defence lets see u run around for 30 minutes and then try to cover someone whos pretty much Fresh Defence runs every play and works hard every play Offence is the easier end to play so No wonder they were tired and in regards to the Casey Comments if it wasnt for his ilusiveness i dont think we wouldve got a play off anyways thats my opinion on the matter feel free to attack this all you want but with Lumsden back ull see a different Oline just watch

I dunno. Sure there were times (too many) where he was pressured, but I also think he held on a little too long at times too.

He doens't look as comfortable back there as I would like.

Not like Durant. He shows exceptional poise.

I think it'll come.

Knight, ever heard of punctuation? It helps you form things called "sentences". They, in turn, form "paragraphs". Such is the way the English language works.

You brought up some great points, but it took quite a bit of deciphering to understand them...

LOL I would have to agree with my punctuation and sentences. LOL was kind of in a rush and wanted to get everything out plus I didn't go to english class that often.

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Cool. I was hoping you wouldn't take offence...

Durrant also has enough time in the pocket to each a sandwich. Lets see how poised he is under constant pressure with receivers who don't get wideopen on every play.

Printers is making lots of throws no other qb can make in this league and for the most part this season the protection has held up. It was just a bad move messing with the lines chemestry in a game when you need the line to communicate considering Calgary loves to blitz on pretty much every play.

I thought Durant was pressured quite a few times and handled it surprisingly well.