Am I the only one who hates home-and-home CFL games?

In a small league, the last thing you want to do is emphasize the fact that teams play each other frequently. Too frequently in some cases. Spread those meetings out. This isn't baseball or hockey with a bazillion games in a year. We have 18 games. A home-and-home with one team clumps up the schedule and increases the chances of facing other teams even more frequently elsewhere on the schedule.

I do not understand the appeal TBH.


I’m not a fan, either.
I suppose with so many things to consider it may be inevitable to have some, but excessive home and homes get tiring. It’s almost like a continuation of the previous game. Having them spread out gives teams time to evolve so the next time they play they’re different teams.
I really don’t like the 4 out of 5 Toronto-Hamilton games.


Exactly, the point about evolution is bang on.

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The Toronto-Hamilton 4 out of 5 is just bizarre. You have a great rivalry and by the time labour day comes, it will be the forth time these teams see each other.

I generally have liked the traditional labour day back to back.


Boy, 50% of the reason I want a 10th CFL team is so the schedule can gain some balance. You play each team twice, that's it.


Or you can have 12 games within a division and 6 games against teams in the other division.

Still keep the crossover playoff in play.


And get rid of the bye weeks too, with an even number of teams.

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Only have 1 bye week.

Start the season 2 weeks later.

One or even two bye weeks in a league that frequently has teams play on four day turnarounds. Certainly not three bye weeks. And space them out more fairly. This year the first 10 games are unfair to Winnipeg not having a bye and the last 9 games are unfair to the other teams with Winnipeg having 3 byes and perhaps 4 if they win the division.

And didn’t you mean start the season two weeks earlier? :grin:

I also agree with prairiewolf in keeping the traditional labour day games and expect they will as they can’t afford not to. The most intense of those rivalries, between Saskatchewan and Winnipeg, brings in more fans to the stands and monies than any other regular season games and the prairie fans in both cities wouldn’t have it otherwise.

Never ever have teams play each other 4 times, whether it is in 5 weeks or 21 weeks. Those teams also often play each other in pre season and the playoffs as well. Yawn. I have not seen one post on this forum in support of the four games in five weeks fiasco. Whoever made the decision to do this should no longer be allowed to make those type of decisions.


Yeah, I don't mind keeping the Labour Day face-offs, but playing a team four times is bananas.


Almost got me there​:grinning::ok_hand:

The Sunday before US Thanksgiving is a good time for the Grey Cup.

Keeps with November tradition and leaves the possibility of a Vanier Cup and Grey Cup pairing (which may require the Grey Cup to be played at the end of November).

There had been times the weather in the Vancouver area is suspect inspite of a domed stadium.

Extreme heat to a cooling off period and maybe some rain :cloud_with_rain: from September onwards.

Summers are short in Canada aren't they.

I generally dislike home and home series.
I prefer more variety in scheduling, and dislike the monotony of seeing the same players over and over without a gap between.


I think it works well once a season with one other team.

Labor Day and the week after - - Tor/Ham, Sask/Win, Cal/Winn, Ott/Mntl.

After that - no need or use for them.


I used to both dread and look forward to home-and-home games against Saskatchewan. No matter how good we were the Riders always seemed to take us to the woodshed.

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Here's hoping.
Of course the rerun almost always goes the other way.

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@Jon another typo. He meant a week after Canadian thanksgiving :joy:


yeah the CFL isn't going to go away from divisional play any time soon. 12 and 6 is where I see the league staying even after expansion (which probably won't happen in my lifetime).

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No... start the season 2 or 3 weeks earlier.... finish the season when the weather is still decent.


Nothing wrong with a November Grey Cup.

If it's in BC, possibly Calgary if there's a chinook or Ontario. :joy: