Am I the only one who didn’t know that this was going to be a ‘rebuilding year’

Is the exodus of key players and staff showing that everything was not rainbows and bunnies behind the scenes this year.


The signs were there all year.


I don't agree.
3/4 of our starting defense is now under contract.
2/3 of our starting offense is now under contract.
Free Agency has not started yet.


Perhaps it could be a good thing. I am trying to think positive... if last year's rosters/staff couldn't win the Grey Cup, maybe this year's can!

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Co-ordinator leaving immediately after the GC.
Impact players leaving.
Deafening silence about available players.
Lost our 2 "best" receivers.
Losing our Centre, and probably our all-star DE.
No word on Laurent, C.Evans, etc.

And I should be optimistic for next season?


weirdly timed corporate ownership announcement.


Not a cat fan but you are correct...EVERY TEAM. Deals with the same thing every off season some years worse than others but it ain't ever easy to resting and or find replacement talent that ain't two years of development required

  • Retained our Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator and Defensive Coordinator after back to back Grey Cup appearances.
  • Deafening silence is the sign of a professionally run organization. Did you ever hear rumors out of a Lou Lamoriello run hockey team? I’m not a Lou fan per se, but I respect the fact that his organizations don’t run their mouth to the media
  • Our two best receiver in 2021 were not Banks and Acklin, they were Tim White and when healthy Brandon Addison. Walking away from Banks is not losing Banks. Losing Acklin is something many of us would have prefer not happen, but realistically he’s very replaceable.
  • Losing our Centre feels like a raw deal, but how bad is that back? Maybe knowing the medical history is the reason we walked away? Or maybe he just wanted to leave no matter what we wanted. Today I only care about who replaces him and we may not know the answer to that for quite some time.
  • Losing Davis, I can’t sugar coat that one. That stings! My guess is that we go Canadian at DE (Mason Bennett and my hope is Betts, but that’s just a hope at this point). Given we have all three LBs back, if we can put together a secondary anything like last year I think I can live with stronger middle DL and a weaker D end. But I really need to see progress along the OL to sleep easy.

It’s not as dark as it seems. This is like tasting the lasagna before it goes in the oven - the sauce is ok, but without cooking the meat and melting the cheese it’s no where near as good. Let’s wait and see what this team looks like once it’s fully prepared.


Oh, I misunderstood. When I read DumpsterKitty's original message, I thought they were talking about the Toronto Argonauts !!!

I agree with everything that Egbert said in the rebuttal above. I also agree with the comment that our primary area of concern should relate to the OLine. But in my opinion, that could be corrected with a single non-import FA signing . . . I am sure this is all going according to plan so far.


What are you worried about? Everything's falling into place for you guys. You're going with a younger quarterback rotation and most of your core is now under contract. Not only that but you've got a couple hundred grand more cap space (thanks to Shiltz) to upgrade that mediocre offensive line in free agency. IMHO you've got a winner under construction here.

Look at your competition in the East. Toronto's not getting any better. Ottawa is starting from scratch. Montreal hasn't made any earth shaking moves yet. Meanwhile out here in the West EVERY team is getting better except us. We're just trying to stand pat with no budget room to do it.

Turn that frown upside down or I'll send this scary dude over there.


Can i for the 10th time (And last time) say losing your ST coach to a rival months away from the start of the season is one of the least important transactions in the league.

Why are people posting about this like it is a dagger to the team?


Speaks more to the culture. Bigger picture.

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I love the lasagna metaphor . :heartbeat:

Pat Lynch (the old dude)


I didn't want to say it until now.

I seriously believe that the exodus of players are "Team Jeremiah", and those who re-signed are "Team Dane".

I hope it's not so, but the evidence seems to point that way...

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Losing Davis and maybe losing Ciraco hurt. Acklin likely a product of the ratio. Banks was on wrong side of career. No way we can afford Masoli and Evans. Most of the losses were predictable. A few surprises but. O way this can be judged as the ship is sinking.

Culture isn’t about running the same team back every year. Players can leave even if offered a similar deal. They may have their reasons.

Management may have reasons why they are not as determined to bring some players back as we think they should.

As fans we obviously want it all but this ownership/management team has done a pretty good job with this organization for several years and I’m surprised how quickly ppl attack them with so little information.


Not sure I buy this. Masoli and Dane got along well so no reason to say team was divided. Last place teams often throw money at free agents to show season ticket holders things will be better. They easily can cut players who underperformed and nobody sees that as a loss so they usually have more cap space. Players see it as an opportunity ie Acklin likely will see higher targets in ottawa than Hamilton so could be positioning for next contract.


Judging by Davis's social media hes on Team Money.


I believe we have a plan. Between Free Agency, the draft, tryout camps, scouting and those we already have. We have smart people behind the scenes who are very aware of what our weaknesses are.
We had a pretty average season last year. We had an offense that would go to sleep 2 quarters every game. We had a bunch of kickers that were inconsistent. We had a bend don't break defense that would break down at the end of a few games (including the cup). We had ratio issues that at times kept our best running back on the sidelines. We had an Oline that was terrible for at least half the season and then we managed to scrap together a decent few games, despite having an often injured centre.
Don't let the fact that we went to the cup fool you. We were 8-6 and there was a couple weeks there I thought we were going to finish 3rd. We were able to dominate Edmonton, Ottawa and BC. Very similar to 2018 in my opinion. Also, in the East final when it was 12 -0 at halftime, how many of us thought the season was over?
My point is Coach O and the all GM's we have, have had a chance to look over the film at each position and know that the season was a mess for most of it.
Even saying that, we have still managed to re-sign most of the players we wanted to re-sign. If we can get this Oline fixed and a decent do all three job kicker , we will still win the East this year.


100% about money, not picking sides - these guys have a limited amount of time to earn as much money as they can - it's their agents job to go find them as much money as they can and very few of them will go against the advice of their agent (take the money!!)


From a fan who has no horse in the race and sees the same arguments on all " team" boards.
Fans see what they want to see. The negative fans see it one way the positive fans see it another way .. the lasagne metaphor was spot on... EVERY team loses key players every year dome years are worse than others and the Ticats are far from having the team blow up and starting from zero