Am I the only one not sold on Winnipeg?

Now I realize our beloved Tiger-Cats are 1 - 6, but am I the only one that isn't sold on how good the Blue Bombers are this year?

I mean they have won against an injury riddled Argo team twice, a weak Eskimo team twice, and an out-of-sync Tiger-Cat squad. And if it wasn't for a bone-headed defensive play call by the Eskimos or the luck they received by getting to play Spergon Wynn in his first start of the year, the team is very close to being 3 - 4.

They have played Montreal twice and been outclassed both times, and aside from that their alleged "stalwart" defense hasn't even faced a challenge.

I am not saying that they aren't a good team, I just wouldn't be surprised if they finished the season in the 9 - 9 or 10 - 8 range.

So I think its a wrong choice of words when Mr. Lancaster says something like, "...I'm not saying we're going to win, because that will be a tough climb ..."

I know the offense needs time to get used to the schemes and find their rhythm but if you don't think you can win every time you step on the field you have got some major problems.

Just my two cents ...

I don't know paully, the Bombers do have a new coach and are adapting fast after the games agains't Montreal, or "gelling" fast as is said a lot here about the Cats not "gelling". They may be really give Montreal a challenge for the east I think, I honestly think this.

I think the bombers may come down some, if someone from the west steps up. However, as long as HAM and TO have their present problems, they are not likely to catch the bombers in the east.

Hamilton’s very flat performance last week (particularly on O) made Winnipeg look great. If we put up a good performance offensively in Winnipeg, I’m convinced our D can stop Glenn and Roberts.

Give the Bombers a huge advantage on special teams, though. Westwood punted very well in Hamilton, while Fleming was very inconsistent. Also, Hamilton’s cover team always allows at least three long returns a game, but Holmes can never spring one for the Tabbies because all of his blockers are invisible.

winnipeg has a very strong defence and have roberts and milt but we'll see how long this lasts.
besides the als (whom we could have won all 3 games against) i see no real fav in the whole league to win the cup. i think b.c and hopefully the cats will improve.

I really didn't expect this kind of run from the Bombers. I thought they wouldn't even make the play offs. I was looking for cheap Grey Cup tickets this year, just like in 98.

But, their defense does look good. Brown, Canada, Simpson and Ockimay are playing well. I don't think they have a lot of depth, but it's not hurting them right now.

Their offence is playing way over their head. The line will break down and weak quarterbacking will kill them. Don't get me wrong, Kevin Glenn is a great guy and a solid quarterback - but in the Marcus Crandell mold not the AC, Ricky Ray or Dave D. mold. In other words, look for him to implode if:

a) Receivers have an off day (talking to you Mr. Brazzell)
b) Roberts has an off day (you used to beat Khari Jones by taking Roberts out of the game plan)
c) Their Defense doesn't win it for you

I'm with the rest of you Winnipeg realists. It's going to come crashing down sometime soon and I will enjoy every bit of anguish the Bombers fans feel.

The whole point of parity is to have nobody sold on any team.

There's no team that is performing so well that i dont think we can beat them (even with our record). The league is doing well and any team can win on any given night. Forget the spreads, or keep them close cause they dont mean a thing.

Look at Montreal/Winnipeg Calgary/Sask, Sask/Toronto and Hamilton/Calgary

All of those games would be considered "Upsets" but really... are they? I say no.

it bugs me a bit to see donovan carter playing like another duane butler.

i had to read this three times to get it to make sense.
and it was only after i realized you meant "parity" not "parody".
i need a nap before the game.


i never claimed to be an english major...

but crash… aren’t you an english major?

Until they can stop trash-talking in the media and consistently get their business done week in, week out, they are only a team with good potential. The Cats stepped up to the plate and ran the ball down the Bombers' throats.

Until the Bombers get their act together, Montreal is still the team to beat in our division. That is clear to me.

Oski Wee Wee,

i'll say it once again . the bombers are overrated

there not overrated..they arent even supposed to be 5-3..everyone who is everyone said this team would have been lucky to have 2 or 3 wins, and they have 5

hamilton is the overrated team..there supposed to be whenre the bombers are, and the bombers were supposed to be where hamilton is...i hope your happy in last place..cuz nothing has changed since last week..bombers in second..hamilton is last..with toronto