From my initial observations it would seem I am the only one that feels that Bishop should be the starter.

I have been a CFL fan since birth! I do not re call in my memory a situation where a QB has been treated so badly.

Pinball and one of the new owners flew to the US to personally beg Bishop to come back to Toronto. He quit his arena gig and came back.

Bishop has developed into the best Argo QB since Flutie IMNSHO. He exceeded expectations in every way. Argos where devestated when Bishop had his wrist injury, if you recall Argos could not muster any wins last year without Bishop.

To bring in a new guy and promote him to #1 without a true competition was terrible!!! Bishop was 11-1 last season and deserved better!

Argos may have lost Friday had it not been for Bishop.

This is right up there with Dunigan being traded away, but really worse! Being traded would have been kinder then what they have done.

Danny Barrett led the Stamps to a Grey Cup loss and they brought in Flutie to replace him, that was on par I guess, mind you it was a straight trade.

I cant recall a 11-1 starter being dumped on like this.

Perhaps Flutie in Buffalo in 1999 is on par.

Thats why I compare Johnson to Joseph.

I am a life long Argo (CFL FIRST) fan, I rooted for Winnipeg when Dunigan was cut and now again I am rooting against the Argos while Joseph is at QB.

This week I will be rooting for OB and the TI CATS while Joseph is at QB, should Bishop come in? I will root for Argos while Bishop is at the helm.

i think your forgetting damon allen..MVP and grey cup champ with the argos.

bishop went 11-1 because the defence won those game.

bish stinks. every pass he attempts is atleast 20 yards down field...he doesnt know how to take what the defence gives him. he just attempts bombs every time.

bish is a great person but a lousy QB.

Damon Allen was a great qb goes without saying, mind you he is not even on the same page as greats like Dunigan, Clemons, Flutie, Moon etc etc.

I think Damon is a great guy, but really only average to above average pro QB, which is nothing to be ashamed of. He played longer than the rest.

No he does not stink, as you say of Bishop.

Sounds like you are a bit of a *** if you will pardon the expression :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

im an ass because bish stinks?

well, then your an ass for loving bish.

So that`s a NO BISHOP from drummer_god

I cheer for my Argos no matter who is the QB. I also can't recall any Argo fan rooting for the Cats when they come to town.

I said I was a CFL FAN first! Hamilton needs to win at some point, for you to be able to be a Argo fan, if ya catch my drift.

But as for the Argos, the release of Prefontain was just as bad as what they did to Bishop ALMOST.

the same people that brought in Ricky Williams, are the same people that brought in Boston, demoted Bishop and traded away Prefontain...all bone head moves.

I suspect Pinball is behind it all?

What are we paying Boston?? I bet we could have gone after a CFL superstar receiver in his prime.

Argos are probably over the cap I bet! no problem they caqn just pay the fine.

Easy buddy.

Let's clear some stuff up, huh?

Ti-Cats need to win, sure, but not against our Argos, and especially not in our house with our fans. We used to give em Labour day, but it's been hard not to win that game by 30-40 points recently. That's their fault.

The "same guys" people, which are Greg Mohns and then GM Adam Rita, also brought you in new stars Bethel Johnson and Willie Middlebrooks (who played awesome in place of younger). They are also the ones that have to follow the cap and make the hard decisions.

Which leads to the next point. Argos shredded salaries last year and now this year. For every star new to this team, I can name one gone. Players like Boston, Middlebrooks, B Johnson are in NO position to command over the leagues average salary which is almost 100 000. The Argos have 2 qb's at 500 000 while Hamilton has 1 Printers. I can go on and on, Argos are not over the cap.

As for the kickers. Pre/Van is basically a wash. Van should be better than Pre's awefull 66% kicking, but Pre was great on punts. Funny cause last games, Pre hit 4/5, one awefull miss though and Van was beyond great with his punting. Pre has injury's, Van's aging. Van might even be cheaper because he said he has made his money already.

Lasty, Pinball, the Argo great/CFL legend signs his name to a few things and reps the orginization and hardy does anything else, which is just fine. I hope he's around forever.

I am sure Argoz makes some good points. I am not so sure about Pinball not being involved??? I believe he has a lot of input.

I am just surprised that there does not seem to be any Bishop Fanatics other than yours truly. But then again people on internet forums do not normally reflect the real feelings out there.

I remember following Flutie to Buffalo, I was one of the Flutie Fanatics. It was a different world on the footbal forums than what was happening in Buffalo. The vast majority on the Bills forums where anti Flutie, it was really amazing, but it did not reflect the real sentiments of the fans.

I can tell you that in my circle of friends it`s a different situation. I have not spoken to anybody outside of this forum that disagrees with my point of view on Bishop and Prefontain. Yes they disagree with me on many things but not on Bishop.

Certainly the media and this forum are pro Joseph if not anti Bishop.

I am a bit surprised I thought it would have been at least 50/50

I think Bish plays his best ball when he's chasing someone for the top spot. It was true up until 2007, he was the heir apparent. Then he gets full control of the wheel and sputters. This way, Joseph takes the first shot and if he struggles, Bish is in to try and clean up the mess, which is his biggest upside.

I think Bishop is a better QB myself. KJ is way over rated. should be arunning back not a QB.

EXACTLY :thup: :smiley:

While I don't agree Bishop is the best Argo qb since Flutie (he is 2nd behind D.A.). I don't think he stinks.

Last year when he was out, the defence didn't seem the make the big play like they did when he was in uniform. When he was out, Allen, Butler & McMahon had the same defence behind them & they went winless.

I wish he would throw more short passes...but even when he does, he drills it, he seems to lack "touch".

Without him on Friday night, the Argos probably lose.

And if Cam Hall and a couple of other Bomber defenders could catch, the Argos would have lost. Bishop is just an interception waiting to happen.

I actually agree with just about every thing you said, I am a little bit more Fanatical about Bishop, but yes I can live with what you said. I love Bishops long bombs btw :slight_smile:

Hey howbout that 19 yard bomb right on the money on the last important drive by Mike, pretty sweet.

That was a nice pass for the td that Robertson 25 ran in.

A really late long pass by Bishop almost went for a td.


and then Joseph almost fumbled the ball for a td :oops: :slight_smile:

And its a good thing Joseph was not sacked at all :wink: last thing we need is another Rob Johnson

As I recall, Bishop was not sacked or int or knocked over at all.

If you want to include almost??? then we would have to review the almost ints that Joseph almost had , according to the FAN590 announcers from exibition game 1.

You just keep believing that, buddy :lol:

M.O.P - does that phrase mean anything to you?

He's also saying that they started Joseph so that the Cats would win the game. Oh flash CFL - the Cats are not gonna be the whipping boy of the league this year. They took that game with authority like it was nobody's business. Get over it.

You have your MOP and I have my WTF