Am I SERIOUSLY missing something with Rey Williams?

  1. He was our Defensive MVP
  2. Was named a CFL East All Star
  3. He was voted by the CFLPA as a CFL All Star

I have ranted about this before but seeing him on the jumbotron at the Grey Cup showing all the East and West All Stars just made my blood boil.

You look at a guy like Sherrit and Bighill and Elimimian last year and this guy is not on the same level.

Drew Edwards in his Scratching Post blog responded to fans on one of his posts about Williams. Fans were chirping about the Calgary game and the numerous times TSN pointed out how out of position he was. Drew defended Williams with not only the tackle #s (which don't truly reflect how well a linebacker pays) but saying the game film says something different to the coaches.

Elimimian is trying to go back down to the NFL but I would make a push for him. I am also very interested in Plesius as well. I know he looked good against University players but he attacks the line, and can stuff the run.

The problem is, how can the talking heads at TSN (or the regular fan for that matter) know if a player is out of position unless they are in on the game plan, coaches meetings, practices, etc? What you see on the field may be exactly what the coach, play, and coverage required of the MLB. He may have been in the exact position that was required of him at the time.

So, if we accept that Rey did what was asked, and a pass / run was completed in the zone vacated by him on any given play, perhaps it wouldn't have been a completion/gain if there was more pressure on the QB/backfield from the front 4. Or any other number of variables that happen on any play. How would that be Rey's fault?

I would suggest that those who vote for the awards know a little more about the game and the players than the average fan does. In my eyes Rey was a bright light on a dismal defence.

From most of the games I watched at IWS, the team could not stop the run up the middle. I realize the D tackles responsibilities are up the gut pressure and run stop. If the tackles can not stop the run the linebacker picks a gap A,B, or C and stops the running back. From what I witnessed RW did not stop the run until 7 - 8 yards down the field. If I would replace anyone on that team immediately, it would be RW. I like Toronto's linebackers compared to our linebackers. I like the entire Toronto defensive strategy. No wonder they won the Grey Cup. The combination of talented players with a great scheme with an imaginative coordinator. It's not all on RW and I realize the halfbacks and corners and safety play a important role with run support. Is there a Calvin Tiggle clone on the roster that we are unaware of?

Could it be that Rey makes a lot of tackles because the D is on the field too long? Perhaps it is similar to a Db with many intercepts and another with few. Teams may avoid the great cover guy and attack the weaker link. If the weaker player can catch, he may have more intercepts. IMO, the Cats need somebody who can make most of the tackles from end to end. They also need defensive ends that can contain the run and sack the quarterback. We might have one end who could do that but his name isn't Peach.

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

I tend to agree with you. A lot of folks on here say RW was often out of position when an opponent's play was successful. There are many reasons why a play can be successful. The MLB being out of position is one of them. But the defensive scheme and play call can be equally important if not moreso. The people who voted him an all-star know more about these things than most fans on this forum--including me, and also I suspect including most of the RW critics. It doesn't make my blood boil that RW was named an all-star. Maybe he was recognized for making the best of a lousy defensive strategy. If so, I'm glad he was so recognized.

When you have the worst defense in the league you SERIOUSLY have to look at Rey and a few others.

I made it a priority to watch what Ray was doing on defense this year, since our run stop has been suspect since Otis was pushed out. Lets forget about all the times he was out of position (and it was all season, not just when the TSN crew pointed it out) since it's being blamed on schemes. When he was in a position to make the stop at the line of scrimmage which is his job, he was easily washed out of the way by the offensive lineman that he would try to take on. A 200 lb man isn't going to win too many one on ones with a 300 lb man. Watching some of the other MLBs in the league like Sherrit for example and he would use his agility to go around the block and make the tackle in the hole, not get caught up in the block. My opinion of middle linebacker has always been that the running back is his man. He was chosen as an all star, only because someone had to be picked and our defense really had no all stars this year. The middle linebacker is the quarterback of the defense. IF your offense stinks, you change quarterbacks. If your defense stinks,...

I agree 100% who else has stood out? Nobody...............

Particularly, the DC!

In my opinion, the defensive corps has two general responsibilites: firstly, they execute the defensive schemes sent in by the coaching staff and, secondly, must react to the flow if the play doesn't unfold as planned.

The first instance, the players set up in positions and move in a direction as defined by the coach based upon what he anticipates the offense is going to do. If the play goes in another direction, then they are seen to be out of position.

This is where the second instance comes in. The defensive player must be able to "read" that the play is not going as planned and react to that. If he is unable to make the stop, he looks bad, but not because he is not a good player.

So, Stevehvh has a point, we, as fans, do not always know what's going on behind the scenes that may lead to players being out of position on some plays. I don't think RW became was voted an all-star for no reason. After all, how many times have we seen the secondary blow their coverage and leave someone wide open, these things happen, live with it.

Longtimefan With all due respect. Live with the fact the Tiger Cats have not had a dominent defense since 1999? The defense has in my opinion underachieved for many years and the last two years have been a joke. Chamblin and Creehan were both in charge in separate years and RW still could not stop the run. Defensive tackle ES is too small and inaffective. RR was finally cut becuase he was also inaffective. I hate to repeat myself, however this all boils down to talent and the Tiger Cats trying to put a square peg in a round hole. The GM and the scouting staff are responsible for bringing in the talent. From where I sit it's more than obvious none of them have a clue about assessing player talent on both sides of the ball. I ask once again, why do other teams have the capability of plug in play a position without any difficulties? That question certainly needs to be addressed before this teqam ever hopes to move forward!

Not sure how dominant the defense was in 1999. They finished 3rd in points allowed, while the offense was 1st. The team scored a whopping 603 points, 100 more than the 2nd best scoring team, the Stampeders.

I agree with you guys. Something else I would point out is that the play of the other two Linebackers has diminished also in the past couple of years since Greg Marshall left. He seemed to set up his 3 LBs in a way that allowed them to play to their strengths. Knowlton and Johnson were able to roam more and react instinctively to the play as it unfolded. But with the Chamblin and Creehan defenses they have seemed hesitant and quite often nowhere near the play. It seems that these new systems have completely neutered our LBs. A more experienced DC would recognize the talents of his players and arrange schemes that would set them loose.

You didn't miss a damn thing.
But, some people did. Oops! We were last in the leagues in practically every defensive category. The only reason Rey W. was up in tackles was because he happened to run into people before he was knocked over. Somebody needs to be accountable for the crap D in the middle. I'm thinking Creehan.

Does anyone have a link to the CFL all-star team? I haven't seen anything.

League all stars have not been named yet; Williams was named both a division all star and a CFLPA all star.

OK ... is there a link to the CFLPA all-star team?

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8) Just had a laugh listening to the Fan 590.
   Their sports update at 1:20 pm,  done by their announcer Barb Degulio, said that TiCat KICKER, Chris Williams was also
    added to the all-star team !!!      Very knowledgeable sports person ....for sure !!      <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

So Chris Williams is our only all-star. That puts us in the same boat as Winnipeg and Saskatchewan, also with one each.

It's hard to argue that we deserved much more, even with a top-ranked offence.

In my opinion you could be Ray Lewis but if you have linemen coming into the second level there is a good chance the running back will run by you... Our problem has been getting pressure since the departures of Hickman, Baggs and Mcyntire... I think Rey is a fine MLB and we need to start getting pressure on the QB. I love plesius and see him as one of our safeties with Bucknor.