Am I Missing Something?

Last night during the Sask/Edm game, the tv announcers were commenting that a specific combination of Eskimos losses and Rider wins would officially eliminate Edmonton from the playoffs. Today on CBC's website, it says the same thing.

Is there no crossover scenerio?

I think they have a very legitimate chance to crossover into the East. Expecially if they beat Toronto in their upcoming series.

Am I missing somthing? Is there not a crossover chance?

yes there is and that number included the crossover

Well, the way I look at it, Edmonton is only two games behind Winnipeg, and they have four left to play, while Winnipeg has only 3. What does that have to do with Eskimo/Rider win/loss combos?

The "magic" number for the EE to cross over is's three for the west.....

which means what?

.....which means that any combination of two Winnipeg wins or Edmonton losses puts Edmonton out of the East, and any combination of three Saskatchewan wins or Edmonton losses puts them out of the West.

EE has 10 points and 4 games to play for a Max of 18 points in the season.
If Wpg wins only 1 of the their remaining 3 they will have 16 points. If EE wins all their games they will have 18 points and crossover to the east.

In the west SSK has 14 points. They need to win 3 to have 20 points. 2 more than the max of EE to keep out of the playoffs.

There for the magic number is 3 for the west and 2 for the east

got it. thanks.

Can someone please help me with this?

Why is there a crossover when there's even divisions?

Huh? The crossover wasn’t introduced because of an uneven number of teams in each division. It was introduced so that a third place team in one division couldn’t sneak in the playoffs with a really crappy record while a fourth place team in the other divsion missed the playoffs with a good record.

OK thanks.

Actually I don't think that that is true.

I believe it came in when the CFL had a North division and a South division.

At that time there were 8 Canadian teams in the north and US teams in the south.

Think of it as the CFLs version of a wildcard spot.

Think of it as the CFL version of letting whinners have their way

With 8 teams in the league, the crossover means that the top 6 teams in the league get playoff spots.

I only skimmed over the above posts, but keep in mind that if 4th place in Division A is only TIED with 3rd place in Division B, there is NO crossover. 4th place from one division has to be at least one point better than 3rd place from the other division to cross over.

For it to happen this year, Edmonton has to win 3 more games than Winnipeg down the stretch.

I would not be sad to see the crossover go ... I'm not dead-set against it either, but I'd rather playoff spots be based on how you stack up against your DIVISION, not how you stack up against the rest of the league. After all, most of the games you play are within your own division.

I would love to see Edmonton Cross over and make the final. Imagine a Calagary vs Edmonton Grey Cup. That would be something else.