Am I missing something re Shaw awards.

I had to do a search to find the following page

but I couldn’t find any info or link on the main page??

No. You’re not missing anything. :-X

well this kinda sucks

“Doors to the media lockdown room will be opened at 6:00 p.m. At that time, media will be provided with the results under an embargo.”

I always thought the original announcement was live.

I’m fairly certain we streamed the entirety of the event live and linked to it from the home page of The embargo just lets our media partners prepare their content for release ahead of time.

Here’s the full awards show:

yeah, you did.

just saying that I wish when we saw them call each winner up, that it would be a surprise to the winners and the media. no biggie

would have like the info about it to have appeared on the home page a day or so earlier, but again, no biggie

That’s a good point actually; when we have live events coming up, maybe we should have a little section of the home page appear to advertise as much. I’ll make a note to discuss internally.

works for me :slight_smile:

Congrats to all the winners and those nominated, all very deserving.

I would say this absolutely should happen. Every live news conference and such could be on there. The state of the league address from earlier. The Halifax announcement. And then have it so that there is the archive link…I realize a lot of this can already be found, but navigating it all is not always super obvious.

As a side note…when there is nothing live and there is a game in progress, it could potentially link to TSN’s video platform…which you would of course need a subscription for.

Yeah, we have a page at serves this purpose, but - how do you know to get to that page to begin with? This calls for a little section somewhere prominent.

One other point about website :
The CFL logo at the top left of the forum home page should be a link to the CFL home page…

As long as you’re looking at navigation, an obvious update is to make it possible to find the Players of the Week from the main menu structure. As far as I can tell you need to Google it.

And then, maybe we could get a link to a list of MOP award winners and nominees throughout the years.

for POW, there is an indirect way which may be part of the deal with shaw.

You click on a link that takes you to shaw, then there you will find a link to the POW page.