Am I missing something here?

On the front office page how come Mr. Paopao and his buddy aren't listed there anymore?
Could someone please fill me in...

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got 5 days ago

Players Get Released
Coaches Get Fired...

coaches get fired
players get released
and fans keep complaining

Did you hear Ben Johnson lost his Gold metal. :wink:

ok. thank you very much guys i appreciate that. i was away on holidays this past week.

or is it

coaches get fired
players get released
and fans keep coming

Japanese bomb Pearl Harbour!!

man walks on the moon

I know everyone is just having fun, but 49Cheatwood isn't alone. I just got back yesterday from the Maritimes and the Eastern Seaboard. CFL news is very hard to come by in the States. I only found out the score of the last game (oh my God) and what happened afterwards when I checked into a hotel in New Hampshire and could access a computer. But I do know all about the MAINE BLACKBEARS.

No he didn't. It was a hoax.


Mods… I’m starting to think this thread is getting ready to join the Conspiracy one. :smiley:

Exactly. Why were the flags flapping? Why were there camera flash reflections in the window? Why hasn't anyone been back since?