Always In Love With Our BU QB's

Why do the Tiger Cats even bother to spend money on experienced starting QB's. Without going into much detail Hamilton fans, for much of 45 years, have spent the better part of their cat call money on calls to start the back ups. The list of names start at Frank Cosentino and would stretch from Balsam Ave. to Ottawa St.

  [b]R I P[/b]
Williams 2006

Not yet gone, but forgotten

We now want Timmy Chang 2007!

Of course we are especially when we have a back up who is better at every aspect of the q.b possition than Maas.

stronger arm
more mobile
more accurate
more poised
understands the system better
better pocket awareness
better at reading defences

and Maas's experience is actually a negative since defences know him better than he knows himself.

timmy chang is the right quarterback

3 starts for maas and 3 losses and 3 games where he didnt finish game

that has to tell taafe sumting

hopefully he starts chang but i dont think he will

Drexl; Chang is more accurate than Maas?

So far, after three games, Maas is 36 out of 62 for a 58.1% completion rate; Chang, on the other hand, is 16 for 34 or a 47.1% completion rate.

The facts don't back up your statement.

I think Chang is the future of the team, but I'm not sure he's ready for prime time just yet. Ease him him over the next few games the way Wally uses Buck Pierce...give him a couple of series every quarter or so and see how things a minimum it might confuse opposing defences and keep them off balance a tad.

Wally Gabler?

Does that surprise you? The facts are just an inconvenience when you KNOW something to be true.

Chang reminds me of a young Calvillo - a cannon for an arm and, well, a cannon for an arm. Which isn't a bad thing - look what Calvillo did with a little time to learn this league's game. The perfect fifty yard spiral being football's equivalent of basketball's showtime slam dunk, it's no surprise that a lot of people fall in love with the guy that can throw the furthest.

Timmy Chang
Rocky Butler
Richie Williams
Kevin Eakin
Ben Sankey
Marcus Brady
Cody Ledbetter

All back-ups with unlimited potential that so many called for. Feel free to add to the list.

this one's directed to drexl. you come on this forum professing to know everything there is to know about what it takes to be a successful qb and decide to centre your post on jason and his deficiencies. take a look around this football team , if you think that this team is 0-3 because of jason maas you need to keep on looking. to say that you've seen enough of timmy to classify him as being better at all those things is just plain stupid and i know that all is not equal in this comparison, but lets just say that they were and the surgeons actually DID fix his arm,
jason would hands down have the stronger arm. you can have your more mobility argument cause the last qb that won anything for you was a pure pocket passer #14.
you should be in scouting, because for you to notice
that chang has more poise than jason does-you've got a pretty good eye,how much has he played? of course he understands the system better, he just ran it at hawaii for 3 or 4 years.again, all things not equal.finally, to say that the kid,a rookie mind you, is better at reading defenses in a new league than the veteran who has thrown for 5000 yards, that's just plain ignorant.if the kid could read D's better and had more poise,then there would be nothing standing in his way from starting. not the case is it. so quit trying to find a different way to skin the "CAT" and realize that there are many other problem areas to discuss besides the qb situation.
leave it alone for awhile and talk about the receivers running the wrong routes and making the qb, whoever it is,look bad.

             CITY LEGEND

Errr. Anthony Calvillo... WHOOPSI!

I'm also glad to see MadJack decided to be this threads stat Sherrif! Because the CFL is just aching for another analyst who thinks he has the holy grail to the Ti-Cats loosing season hidden in a pile of statistics.

Chill out...........I was just suggesting that, so far, the reality is that Maas has been the more accurate passer than Chang. Nothing more, nothing less.

First off Calvillo was a starter when he was run out of town against my very strong objections. Second, all of the others were terrible and only Eakin had my support because Maas was far worse. Finally I have no idea if Williams or Chang are the answer but sitting them on the bench to play an injured Maas makes no sense especially when the injured QB should be resting at the very least to rehab his arm, although I feel retirement is a more reasonable option

I think most people here would agree that Taffe has demonstrated an ability to develop, and bring out the best in, a QB. See: Anthony Calvillo
However, AC didn't develop into a starter by being thrown into the fire. He played #2 behind Tracy Ham for a good while. Therefore, I think we can safely assume that Taffe is very interested in developing Chang, by bringing him along slowly behind Maas.