Always a bridemaid.

Although argueably(the only one remotely close is Calvillo) Ricky Ray has been the CFL's most valuable player so far this year, he is yet to win a POW. The strange thing is that other than the first week of the year(I still believe the selectors made their choices prior to the Sunday game), the choice for top offensive player has been a good one. Brandon Whitaker deserves the award although I do think the selectors are tending to favour Montreal, until somebody knocks them off it is hard to argue.

I am sure Ray would be quite happy to go the entire year without an individual award if it means hosting the cup in November.

it's bizarre, but he's probably been the #2 choice each week. Sooner or later he's gotta get it if he keeps playing the way he has though.

I'm sure most players don't really mind not receiving the honour if they are winning, which Ray is doing.