Alumni Stadium

Went to my first game of the year on Saturday vs. Winnipeg. The drive was a bit longer then I expected, but really not that bad. Alumni stadium looks great! They did a great job with that stadium. Its a got a great intimate atmosphere....definitely unique to the Ivor Wynne experience. The only complaint I have is with regard to the seating. We were crammed in there shoulder to shoulder. Extremely uncomfortable and even dangerous if you had to pass other seated people to reach your seat i it was in the middle of the row. Its probably to late, but the ticats should have removed a few seats from each row to make it more comfortable.

Another suggestion, open up those grassy areas so if people dont want to sit in the crammed seats, they at least have an alternative 'general area' to view the game from.

That was our third game, and the first time the crowding was evident. My guesstimate at the seating is only 16-18 inches per bum (based on the space between seat numbers). Early birds shift out to a comfort level and need to be moved later.

The treed south end is available but a long way from the play in the north half of the field.

Makes sense that was the biggest crowd given it was the first reg season game that wasnt in a monsoon haha. Ya we ended up watching the entire second half from south end zone. Definitely not a good sight line, thats why I wish they would open up the grass for people to watch from.

I was at the home opener where during the tropical storm and it was not a pleasant experience. The drive was only 40 minutes, in fact leaving our house and sitting in our seats was a grand total of 55 minutes. My complaint was the band outside the stadium was too loud and they kept playing even when Oh Canada was on.

Only 5 more games to be played there. 18" wide seats? Ouch, that’s like the old benches at IWS! that were designed and measured out in the1950s when people were slim with small asses. They didn’t think that by the 90s most people would have bums big enough to take up one and a half spaces on them benches, 29,000 in that small place was “hell”

The crowd actually looked pretty good on TV. Especially the temporary stands on the side hill. I have been to several Gryphon games over the years sitting on the permanent bench seats. Always thought there was plenty of room. Those stands during Home Coming are generally full like the TiCat games.