Alumni Stadium

Google map data from 2006: 43° 32' 06" N, 80° 13' 35" W. Field aligned NNW to SSE. Stands on the west side of the field as shown on Tiger Cat home page. Major change on east side of the field moved the lamp standards eastward into tree line and added a forth set. Field still natural turf I think, (forgot to check) and the yard lines and field perimeter are permanently marked out. The 9 lane track still runs around the football field.

When I visited the site 28th of Nov there was a group of people (about 6 to 8) viewing the stands from the field. My camera wouldn't go to the X10 zoom so I have no idea who what/they were.

The stands themselves are all bleacher seating. YESSSSSS!!! (I was forced into one of those tiny 500 level seats at the GC and it took me over a day to recover, and no I wasn't drinking either). The stands run from 20 yard line to 20 yard line, and are about 28 rows high. MY estimated EXISTING seating 2800. Expansion on both ends of this seating to the dead ball line is quite feasable, more than doubling the seating.

The east side of the field has no present seating except bum on grass. The grass rises about 10 feet from the edge of the track to the row of trees shown on Google map. At the cost of about 30 pine trees another set of stands could be erected to duplicate/exceed the west side seating. Probably would have to move the lighting as well.

If you want to drive there on your own and you have a GPS set the destination to 200 College St E Guelph. I will be going over in the new year to see if any changes have occurred.

Natural Turf? I can't see the Ticats paying a million dollars to put in Field Turf for one season.

I heard that they are insisting on a new type of turf that is made from a paper product.

The reason is that for the past few years the Ticats .........."on paper" ........... are the best team in the CFL


....rimshot.......very "Rodney Dangerfieldesque".....have to admit, THAT is a good one.

10,000 seats?

All the details have yet to be sorted. Alumni Stadium was upgraded last year to state-of-the-art Field Turf, and we are working with the University on maximizing the numbers of seats (proper stadium seating, if temporary), also there is lots of parking a great deal closer than much of the parking near IWS. But as you are figuring out, 2013 is going to be an adventure in every sense of the word. :wink:

I forgot to say the stairs are located at the 30 and 45 yard lines at each end. Also a recount of the seating rows seems to be more like 36 for a capacity of 3600. Remember this capacity is MY guestimate.

That's good to hear!!


After the 2011 renovations Geulph Alumni field now has a grandstand with 7,000 plus fixed seating. It has brand new Fieled Turf used by CFL stadiums.

[url=] ... px?tab=the[/url] stadiumproject&path=fac

virtual tour of the facility

Are you sure the grandstands have been upgraded? The turf has.

According to the U of G's website, and the Tiger-Cats' Guelph announcement, the grandstand is still 4,000 and has yet to be upgraded. I think the Ti-Cats will help out with that at some future time.

From the Ti-Cat announcement

...over 4,000 permanent seats...
This year’s improvements to Alumni Stadium included installation of new artificial turf, an eight-lane International Association of Athletics Federation-certified track, new lighting and a state-of-the-art video scoreboard

In an Article published by the on November 20, 2012 states that has 7,500 seat capacity

[url=] ... le/1290520[/url]
I do like the log cabin visitor dressing rooms though.

Hoo-ray turf it is!!

Seating capacity 7500??? My seating row count must be seriously wrong: but a recount shows the 36 as viable and maybe a bit high.
Since the seating runs from 20 yard line to 20 yard line, (balanced on centre field) that is 35+35=70 yards or 210 feet per seating row.
If the capacity were 7200 not the 7500 quoted, for the 36 rows that would be 200 people per row.
210 feet 200 bums thats slightly more than a foot a bum. I dont think even the 18 year old frosh girls could fit in there. My shoulders are on the high side of normal at 20", so maybe my skinny butt will fit the width, but I will be severely twisted in my seat.

Drat! can't get pix to download

Yeah, as the U of G website ( and others) indicate, that's 4,000 permanent seats on one side, and room for 3,500 bums on the grass berm on the other. That's where the temporary stands will go, so you will not add to that 3,500.
[url=] ... facilities[/url]

That may be true but that is an old pick there. The stadium is is much more upgraded since this pic has been taken with High Def LED mega tron in the end zone pro style field turf and a new track

Yeah, I know. I've already mentioned those upgrades. Just showing what the current stands look like as they have not been up upgraded from 4,000 seats, the number mentioned in the Tiger-Cat and U of G press releases .

The video shows the upgrades, the old stands and gives a good look at the grass berm.

Ah got ya. My bad

I went by the site today - nothing new has been added. What you could see in the pix shown in other inputs to this thread is still what's there, only covered with snow.

I wonder when they will pour footings to ramp this place up to a minimum 16,000.


That's new number for me. (Been a way for a while)

Do you have a source?

Wikipedia lists it as 7,600 (1970-2012, 2014-) and 12,000-15,000 (2013)

The stadium has seated 7600 since 1970 so the original poster is so far off in his/her "estimated" numbers that it's embarrassing.


The way the free agent signings are going :thup: Good Luck getting a seat :rockin: