Alumni Stadium review

Just got back from the game and wanted to share some thoughts on the stadium and game experience.

Most importantly, the sight lines were great from my seats near the top of section 117. The temporary grandstands have good elevation and the pitch is pretty good too, so it is easy to see the whole field. I was a little worried being in the temporary seats, but they are at least as good sight-wise as the permanent ones.

The aluminum wasn't luxurious by any stretch, but it is exactly what you'd expect (and no worse than Ivor Wynne). If the Toronto Indycar race is missing some grandstands this year, we'll know where they went!

The "experience" was good from my perspective. Lots of food trucks and temporary concessions offering a variety of food and beverages, and the lineups were very reasonable. Prices seemed about the same as last year, and if anything there was more variety. There was a definite family-friendly vibe, and I will not hesitate to bring my grade three girl to a game this year.

Lots and lots of staff were around, both within the stadium area and around the parking lots and surrounding roads. The team definitely went out of their way to ensure there was adequate staff, and then some! There was a bit of a traffic backup going in; I bailed on it and found an unofficial lot (free!) to park in. Your mileage may vary.

There were more than enough portapotties for the attendance tonight. No real washrooms, so it is reminiscent of those outdoor concerts that happen every summer.

Areas that might be improved? Signage on and to the parking lots might be tweaked a bit. Getting from one side of the stadium to the other was impossible when teams were entering or leaving the field, but that is just something to be aware of and plan accordingly for. The stadium seemed quiet to me, not sure if that was because it was preseason, or if it is just a result of the wide-open end zones and track between the stands and the field. The checkerboard end zones looked weird for about five minutes, then it didn't matter anymore.

Overall, I am pretty impressed with what the 'Cats have accomplished for a home away from home this year. It should be an enjoyable season (especially if they win!)

Having the food trucks there was amazing and a great idea. They have to somehow bring these guys in at the new stadium.

I'd think the Tiger-Cats would want to maximize their food and beverage revenue at the new stadium by restricting outside vendors.

Guelph is a completely different story as it's a temporary facility that lacks amenities.

Remember how hard it was just to bring in a bottle of water into IWS?

Impressed as well. Well, what can I say, A++ all the way. The worst part of the traffic? Just getting out of Hamilton, highway 6 was a breeze, got there in plenty of time to take in a restaurant before the game and walk from the restaurant to the game, about a 25-30 walk. Left the mountain around 4:15 and got to Guelph just before 5:00. Great Indian food in a nice intimate little restaurant. Very family friendly for sure Alumni Stadium, if I had kids I wouldn't hesitate to take them there. Lots of activities for them to do with drills, throwing balls into the holes etc. Had a fair type atmosphere to the game.

I can't believe for the life of me that the McMaster site could come close to matching this, no way, lots of space and Guelph is a real nice city. The only thing McMaster doesn't have a track but that is a very minor issue with how well presented Alumni Stadium is. The temporary seating we sat in worked perfectly, well done.

Nice job Cats and city of Guelph, what a treat to be able to have a nice drive rather than a nightmare travelling to Toronto and have a fantastic open venue, absolutely loved it and anxious to get to the games when they count for real. :thup:

A night game on the (almost) longest day of the year, and what a gorgeous night.

As someone who spends a lot of time in the Guelph area, I've got to say that driving to the game might have been less annoying than driving around campus during the school year (certainly less annoying than helping someone move in to residence at U of G, trust me).

I couldn't get there too early due to work, but I look forward to saying hello to some people in lot P19 before the home opener. Great to watch a game with you guys.

There may be room in the south end "community plaza" or whatever they're calling it to park a couple of trucks, and the team could make money off them like they would with any other "permanent" vendor. There's so many trucks they could have different ones every game.

Enjoyed myself immensely , a perfect setting as Earl said , the Ti-cat managemnet have done a whale of a job and should be very proud of what they have accomplished under difficult circumstances. The setting is very appealing , lots of greenery around and space is unlimited . I was three feet from the players when they accessed the field from their dressing rooms , one can just stand around and take it all in . Food trucks were great , parking a piece of cake and next to no congestion . I would highly recommend to everyone, to take in a game or two here , if you do not then you are cheating yourself out of a very positive experience . Oskie wee wee.

Yes Pike, the greenery as you say is a nice touch, the grass slopey parts added a nice feel to the stadium. Walking through the university campus to where we parked was through a nice neighbourhood, lots of trees.

And what I also liked was the hospitality of the usher or usher type people, greeting you and on the way out saying have a nice evening, got that from a couple of them. Classy.

It’s great to read so many positives about the stadium and the game day experience. All the “complainers” that said they weren’t going to set foot in Guelph and wouldn’t renew their tickets, I bet they wished they had renewed now.
At least you guys that attended the game and renewed get your pick of the best seats next season.

What was the attendance? I never heard it mentioned anywhere.


From Ticats FB page.

I echo everyone's comments & sentiments regarding the Alumni Stadium & Guelph experience.

Very family friendly. Lots of open spaces & green spaces. Sightlines were good. Good food selection. Food trucks are a nice touch. Prices seem a little higher than last year, but I can't say for sure. The variety and no lines make up for any increase, if any, as far as I'm concerned.

Staff was numerous and very friendly and helpful. I get the feeling that employment #'s will be up significantly this summer/fall in the Guelph area!

Lots of police presence up and down highway 6 made sure traffic flowed easily.

MsFenderGuy & LittleFenderGal weren't fans of the port-potties! We scoped out establishments that will be our last stop before going to the stadium so they can have a more traditional washroom experience ... Me? Not a big deal.

All in all ... A very good experience coupled with a 52-0 beat down!

Why? Because of a few predictable glowing posts?

Well, you'd bet wrongly.

I'm glad some here enjoyed it. Not sure why you'd think a few posts from them would change some of the others' reasons for not attending.

What was the attendance? I never heard it mentioned anywhere.
12,000 and change. Was that a sell out?

Official capacity is 13,000. The stadium looked essentially full, with maybe a couple of hundred seats unoccupied.

The stadium looked amazing. I really didn't have any complaints about last nights game I thought everything was great. They had a ton of staff making sure everyone knew where they should be going and they were all very friendly saying hello and goodbye as you walked past them. The layout of the stadium was great how you can walk on the path behind the one endzone and see the field.

If you were undecided about coming to a game or a few this year you really should check it out. Its an experience that you can say you were a part of and lets be honest if the Cats can will watching them anywhere is amazing.

What a GREAT TIME, The atmosphere was amazing. Ticats Nation took over Guelph and you felt it as soon as you got into the City, all the City Buses said “GO CATS GO?

Well Done Ticats Staff !!

It sure turned out to be a very positive experience :thup: :thup:

I cant wait for the Regular Season Games !!

Great to hear all the positive reviews about Guelph and Alumni stadium. I bought a five pack this year instead of the season's and I can't wait to check that place out.

I heard on CHML that there is still 1500 seats available for the home opener. C'mon Ticat fans and Guelph area residents lets sell it out for the whole season!

I'm hoping a nice win against the Argos will sell those seats quickly.

I’m hoping that later in the season, for big, crucial games … Or perhaps even a playoff game … That they sell open seating tickets where people can sit in the grassy knolls & standing room in the open corners and really get that place rocking.

On another note, the player benches are very close to one another. No real separation between them with the open track right behind them. I can see some, lets just say “interesting” interactions between opposing players with TiCat players as well as TiCat fans when things heat up!

I was thinking the same thing about selling standing/sitting room tickets on the SE and NE grassy knolls , I am sure that is what the Ti-cats have in mind as there is lots of room ,it would make a great atmosphere even better . --------BUT they can't really do that until the normal seats are sold out well in advance . Hopefully it will happen.

I think they are hoping to add more seating in the endzones once they start to sell out. But I do agree if the extra seating doesn't happen it would be nice to have the corners filled with standing room.