Alumni Sections?

I was thinking it would be a cool and respectful thing for teams to set up an "Alumni Section' or maybe an "Alumni Bistro" area in each stadium for alumni to hang out during games where fans could come by for a beer and dog to pay respects. Or maybe make it an area an area where a fan could just purchase their ticket and stay there for the game.

Any such things exist?

Maybe have an alumni member lead the sing a long team fight song? Celebrate the cheesy. Provide a comment or two about the game in between quarters?

What do you mean by alumni? Past players retired?

Yup ...I mean retired past players of that team.

Sounds like a great idea to me. Even if only for a few select games at first, it would be worth a go.

Get Angelo Mosca and Joe Kapp in there for a Lions-Ticats game, and who wouldn't want to be there!

...sounds like a great idea..why limit it though to alumni of that team? could be just CFL alumni in general...although it could be awkward:

Me: "Oh hey, Hi, and you are?"
CFL Alumni: "Norm Brown, Wide Receiver, Argonauts, 1983"
Me: "M'hmmm.....okay" [/crickets]

It would be even better if you had Saturday Night Live cast members impersonating CFL alumni.